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Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 2: Universal Studios Osaka Part 1

We woke early and there’s some happy music blaring while people were already making their way to Universal Studios at around 8am.

Family photo!

Unlike the one in Singapore, we didn’t have to wait too long in the queue before we entered the park as there’s many counters. We had bought our Universal Studios tickets via Klook prior.

There’s people already screaming away in the roller-coaster above us lol~

The thing about Universal Studios in Japan is, I realize alot of people dress up in themed outfits to visit the park. I’ve seen a trio of Minions, or just friends in same colour schemes with these colourful headbands seen above.

Our first stop- Spiderman!

Oliver found the Spiderman ride a bit too intimidating for a first ride, lol~ We should have started off with the milder ones… Anyway, the Spiderman merchandise cheered him up a bit.

Spiderman chocolate!

Even cup noodles!

The sun’s out, but it’s actually still kinda cold~

This was the newly opened Final Fantasy ride, which I didn’t attempt as the queue was 45 mins long and we couldn’t very well leave O to ride it together, so K went alone. Note you have to leave your bags in the lockers. K said it’s pretty thrilling.

In the meantime, the kiddo and I watched the Sesame Street show. All the characters were speaking in Japanese so my eyes sort of glazed over and my mind went into twilight zone lol~

I think the one thing that prevented me from enjoying Universal Studios Japan as much as the one in America, was the language barrier. It just makes everything slightly more… Detached, I think?

Anyway, we tried the churros…

It’s so sunny my phone camera just couldn’t handle the bright light, lol~

Verdict? The one at USS LA was much better, keke~

Finaly fantasy cookies… And I almost wanted to get the cute scrungy below, heh~

Fancy a pic with Marilyn Monroe?

There’s a whole Gudetama corner in one of the USS’s shops!

I didn’t get anything though. Most of the items are kinda useless to me. I mean, I really have no need for any paperclips or plushies.

Hello Kitty lovers will go berserk here I think, hahaha…

The jackets were downright adorable, even I was tempted to get one, lol~

This is cute too!

I almost got the Hello Kitty keychain below in stripes and brown, but it’s a whooping SG$21 after conversion and it’d really be an impulse buy since I don’t even like Hello Kitty, so I took a picture for keepsakes~ LOL~

We took a photo with Hello Kitty though!

I couldn’t capture even 1/3 of the beauty and serenity of this to be honest.

Game kiosks!

Near the Minion Park, there’s a Happiness Cafe! Which we settled down for lunch~

There’s only a few items on the menu…

It’s ¥4650 (≈SG$60) for 2 set meals (burger + curry rice including drinks & salad) and a banana puff.

Very Instagram worthy, but it feels a bit like eating airline food? Like, it’s passable, but not particularly appetizing. Interesting thing is, the fries in Osaka tasted really different. I fathomed it’s a different kind of potato they are using or something.

After lunch, we headed to the next destination- Also one of the biggest draw of the theme park!

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