Collection of passport via iCollect- No more queuing!

I recently renewed my passport using iCollect, it literally only took me 5 minutes to get my new passport! So I thought I’ll share my experience here. 🙂

  1. Renew passport online- Instructions here. You’ll need to prepare your passport photo (Just take a clear photo using your phone will do. If you have bangs, remember to pin your hair to the side so it doesn’t cover your eyebrows), then login using your Singpass and fill in the form.
  2. Once your passport is ready (mine took around 2 weeks as my 1st photo was rejected due to hair covering eyebrows), you can collect from ICA, iCollect or via post office (additional charges required if using this option).

Now, what is iCollect? It’s basically an automated machine to collect your new passport.

You’ll need to:

  1. Book an appointment online here.
  2. Bring your old passport (for invalidation) & NRIC on the day of appointment at ICA. The iCollect machine is located at the ground floor.

I arrived 15 minutes earlier than my stipulated appointment but there’s only one other person before me so in no time at all, I was in front of the machine.

Just follow all the instructions on the screen (I had to look into the camera for about 4-5 times to establish my identity though). And please don’t be silly like me! Remember to place the old passport at indicated space below, not above it where the barcode is, lol~

You basically just have to be identified, scan your thumbprint, invalidate your old passport and 5 minutes later, voila! Your new passport!

Do note for those 16 years old & below, you can’t use iCollect. Just try to be on time for your appointment. My husband and son only waited less than 15 mins to collect theirs from the counter! 🙂

If you are an adult though, I’ll highly recommend using iCollect! 😀


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