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Rainforest Lumina- Night stroll at the Singapore Zoo!

The Singapore Zoo is 45 years old! In celebration, a multimedia night walk Rainforest Lumina opens from July 2018 onwards between 730pm to midnight until December 2018.

We were invited to the illumination experience on 14th July~ And it happens to be K’s birthday too! ^^ What a birthday treat!

There’s quite a few zones and you don’t have to bring a torchlight as the pathways are well lit enough for you to make your way through.

First, you choose the animal character that best resonates with you, put on the wristband and keep it on til the end!

I’m not really playful but I like otters so I chose this one, lol~

It’s like walking into a fireflies zone!

There are two interactive zones, my favourite was the one where you shout into the mic and see the magic happens! The second is where you jump on an LED light and see your creature crew leaping on the projection~ You can click on my Instagram vids belows to view~ 

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Rainforest Lumina

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It’s an hour’s or so walk so remember to bring your water, insect repellent & mini fan if needed.

Many Instagram worthy moments, as you can probably tell, lol~

Scanning our wristband for a glow-up on the screen!

Although it’s very well put up, I must say I wouldn’t make it all the way there just for the night walk. It’s better if you pair it up with a visit to the zoo beforehand or the Night Safari.

It’s probably the novelty, but my 7 year old son enjoyed it anyhow, his favourite being the part where he sees himself on screen after scanning his wristband’s barcode, lol~

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Rainforest Lumina

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You can find out more about the Rainforest Lumina here! Have fun!


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