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[ToyTag Review] If there’s ONE toy you should get this Christmas/birthday, it’s this one.

I believe kids should play. But not all toys are created equal.

Today, I review two toys from ToyTag, namely OK Play and Catan Junior.

OK Play travel tile game

Catan Junior board game

You might realize both are board games. That’s cos 1: I try to avoid any games that require batteries. 2: My son is kinda partial towards board games and playing cards in general- He picked up English chess at school (He’s 7 this year) and has been interested in UNO & Pokemon strategy card games.

First up, Catan Junior is an award winning board game.

Players build pirate lairs from collecting “resources” and the first to reach 7 lairs win.

It’s a light strategy game, encouraging sharing (through trading resources) and creative thinking (since there’s numerous paths to winning). My husband also pointed out it’s especially helpful to real life financial planning skills as you have to decide how much to save and spend.

Second up is OK Play.

I purposely chose this cos I wanted a game we can bring on the plane during travelling besides his cards.

The rules are simple- The first person to get a diagonal or straight line of 5 same coloured tiles wins. You can even work together with another player to “block” other player’s win!

This game is soooooo fun and addictive, lolll~ If there’s ONE Christmas/birthday present you should get for a child 6+ and above (or even adult), I’d say go for this one. That’s how confident I am of this game.

I asked my son to rate these two games. Out of 5, he gave a 10. So I think it’s safe to say, these two pass with flying colours in terms of fun level for my 7 year old 🙂


If you want to check out more toys, head on to ToyTag! They have a fine selection of quality toys for all ages and you have to be fast cos the more popular ones (I had wanted the Osmo coding set) do get sold out rather quickly. I was lucky to be just in time for Catan Junior’s recent replenishment. Shipping is FREE with no minimum spend, how awesome is that? And what’s more, if you want to check out the toys in person before buying, they have a retail front at HarbourFront Centre!


(Disclaimer: Oliversmile received the above toys free for this review post, but opinions stated here are of my own and blog post wasn’t compensated by Toytag)


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