Bangkok Travel Aug 2017 (Pt 4)- Maeklong Railway Market

This was a place I’d never visit when I was young. Bangkok to me, equates “shopping”. But now that I’m older, I find myself appreciating and wanting to seek out what I’d previously dismissed as “boring places”.

I’m talking about the Maeklong Railway marketIt’s a long way out from Bangkok. First, we got to Mochit station, crossed the road and boarded bus 77 to to the Bus Terminal (around 20 mins). In the midst, you’ve got to change buses (Just follow the crowd).

Alight here and walk towards the Bangkok bus terminal via the overhead bridge.

We had no idea where to take the minivan so K asked the information counter.

After walking pass 5 bus lanes, we found the counter to buy our minivan tickets. It’s 90 thb per pax. And we’ve gotta wait another 20 mins or so to see if there’s any other passengers.

It took about 2 hours ride on the minivan to the Maeklong bus station. I don’t know how I survived it. It’s hot, humid and I was dying from dehydration having to ration my water for the long ride, not daring to drink too much in case we needed to use the toilet.

Once there, follow a small road about 3-5 mins walk and you’ll see the railway tracks!

Maeklong Railway market is famed for the active train running through the middle of it. It’s a very touristy place, so do expect a crowd. We caught the 3:30 pm train! You can check the rest of the train schedules here.

Click on the video below to see the arrival of the train!

I really have to give it to the shop owners there having to do this day in day out. Not only do they have to move their barang-barangs, roll up the umbrellas, they also have to remind tourists to not stand too close to the tracks in case they get ran over. And those stupid tourists don’t listen even after repeated warnings.

There’s these two guys speaking in Cantonese ready with their cameras and one of them placed his two young daughters right next to the tracks when the shop owners already told them to leave enough space for the train to go through. One shop owner saw me looking on and gave me an exasperated smile.

That was when I really thank God for blessing me with a little knowledge of Cantonese cos I then shouted at the two buffoons to get the kids out of the way. They thanked me afterwards.
This is actually a real market. I feel for the fish…

There’s enough time for a meal, then catching the 4:30pm train before heading back.

Was it worth the 3 hours hassle?

Well, I think 1. It’s a different experience after all; 2. You would be contributing to the locals in some way? I saw many people dining there (it’s even cheaper than what we had in BKK) and buying drinks (cos it’s so hot). Not many bought fresh produce, for obvious reasons, but it does help them I guess?

Dinner was at Som Tam Nua near Siam Square. It’s super delicious! The papaya salad was kinda spicy~

We strolled around but most stores were closing~ The Line village was opened quite late though.

Next post, I’ll share a highly recommended shopping mall for the family! ^^


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