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US Trip December 2016- Universal Studios Orlando on Christmas Day! (Warning: Image Heavy!)

It’s funny how our 1st visit to Universal Studios wasn’t in homeland Singapore, but a continent away at Los Angeles~ LOL~ Anyhoo~~ 

Sunlight’s very bright~~ Despite that, it’s still cold, as you can probably guess from our garb.

We bought our tickets online prior so all we needed to do was flash our printed pass and in we go!

Merry Christmas!

Live band playing!

We had been walking 5 mins but still a distance away from our first stop- This place is huge!

And… *plays angelic choir ahh sound effect*

House from Despicable Me!

I can’t even begin to describe how glorious this looks in real life~ It’s just, so surreal?!?

Look at the ceiling!

Going in…

There’s a queue but it wasn’t as horrendous as Disneyland’s.

Some safety precautions before the ride…

It’s a 4D animated stimulator ride~ Quite fun with some sudden drops but still manageable~ The store’s merchandise…

It’s so fluffy!!!

Look who’s here!

Oliver wanted to play this~ Super Silly Space Killer- Where you can mimic Agnes winning a stuffed unicorn! $5 for one play but 2 players minimum~ O got a Minion doll and he’s so happy, lol~

The colours are so delightful!

Gru’s cafe!

A scenic view from the park~

Minion Cotton Candy!

To be honest, the reason we included Universal Studios in this trip wasn’t cos of Oliver, but cos Mommy wanted to visit this:

*cues Harry Potter music*

My colleague saw my Instagram photos and exclaimed: “You actually went to Harry Potter’s, how dare youuu!” LOL~ Well, gotta make our money’s worth!

The place looks even more magical at night, which I’ll show you later~

I was wondering whether to try the butterbeer cos reviews were inconsistent~ Moving on first~

It moves! Just like in the movie! Click below to watch if you don’t mind some dizzying camerawork~

It talks!

You can buy wands and practice your skills here!

In front of the castle, the pillars have lighting effects~

Next up was “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey”. Since O couldn’t take the ride due to height restriction, MIL brought him to other attractions.

So K and I queued for 2.5 hrs. Yes, you read that right, lol~ By the time we were done, MIL & Oliver had gone on two rides and a live show. MIL lamented why K chose Christmas day to come since it’s so crowded, and K gave a very duh answer: “I thought it’d be less crowded on Christmas Day.” *facepalms*

Inside the Harry Potter’s castle:

Handphone cameras are basically useless in the dark castle. Do you see Harry, Ron and Hermione?

The ride was easily one of best as it turns 360 degrees, but waiting for 2.5 hrs really wasn’t appealing. In the midst of queuing, the ride broke down for a while. But after our “baptism” at Disneyland, I honestly wasn’t that frazzled with malfunctions and lining up anymore, lol~

If only we could whizz away the crowds with magic~ Haha~

Checking out the sweets shop~

Chocolate frogs and wands!

Eyeball candy~

Jelly & gummies~


This staircase is so instagram worthy~ It doesn’t lead to anywhere though.

We caught the Shrek show next- It’s a 4D adventure movie and pretty cute~

Meet and Greet! The donkey at the back is definitely a comedian cos he’s hilarious! He kept joking while people were standing in queue to take a picture~

*cues The Simpsons theme*

We bought one donut from Lard Lad for breakfast the next morning.

Looks innocuous isn’t it? Until I compare the size…

Yes, it’s bigger than my hand!

We bought some chicken from Cletus’ Chicken Shack to bring into the animal live show~ It’s totally permissible and I’ll also encourage it cos it’s too crowded at the restaurant.

After lunch we headed for the Lower Lot~ Where I’ll be sharing my favourite ride in Universal Studios! Click here to go!


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