US Trip December 2016- Los Angeles: Airbnb nightmare

Our 10th day in US, we took the bus from San Diego back to LA. This was the Airbnb we were staying at and if ever you are going there, avoid this listing.

At first, everything seemed normal and we texted the owner saying it’s perfect~

There’s a supermarket just 5 mins walk away, so we bought some groceries and cooked cos my MIL has this habit of eating instant noodles whilst overseas and it’s really unhealthy, so we convinced her we’ll prepare some fresh since she needed her noodles fix.

Hot piping chicken noodles!

Then my MIL asked whether we’ve got dirty feet cos hers were soot black.

I was wearing socks and mine was dirty as well. K and Oliver’s not so much. We then discovered the main culprit was the kitchen floor, cos my MIL and myself were there for the most. Not only that, the wooden table where we placed our food was super dusty as well. By then, I was getting paranoid the entire house might be filthy and worried as Oliver’s still very young and susceptible to germs.

We communicated the problem to the owner, and that’s when things turned nasty. She claimed how come 3 hrs ago we said it’s perfect and suddenly it’s not? Well that’s cos we didn’t notice that the kitchen was dirty until much later?! We asked if anything could be done but she said it’s Christmas Eve and nobody’s around (Mind you, we were supposed to have access to the washing machine but cos it’s locked and they forgot to pass us the key, this amenity was missing as well). We couldn’t even clean it ourselves cos there’s no mop in sight. When we asked about the cleaning tools, she got irritated and said it’s Christmas Eve and she’s out of town with her family and basically just telling us not to bother her. But hullo? It’s also Christmas Eve for us? Worse, she said if we’re not happy, we can just move out of her house right now.

It was a very upsetting ordeal and I was mad at K for being so passive. He argued there’s nothing we can do, to which I disagreed, we should ask for fair compensation cos the Airbnb charges included cleaning fees. In the end I texted the owner saying we’ll get a mop and she can reimburse us for it, to which she agreed.

We mopped the whole apartment (note this is a bungalow), then K and I took a cab to Hollywood Boulevard while my MIL and O stayed back cos they were tired.

Even with all the starry sights, I was still shrouded in residual anger.

As with all arguments, I spoke honestly to K about my feelings and returned home with a slightly lighter heart.

Breakfast the next day!

Off to our destination! Can you guess where?

We were early so the shops leading to our destination wasn’t opened yet…

Destination will be revealed next post! 😀


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