US Trip December 2016- LA Day 4: Disney California Adventure Park

There’s two HUGE parks in Disneyland California, one is the original Disney housing classic characters like Mickey Mouse & Friends, the other being Adventure Park, featuring characters from Disney & Pixar like Cars and Toy Story. They are just side by side, right opposite each other.

Learning from our mistakes the day before, we approached Adventure Park fully prepared. 1: We had our raining gears. 2: A planned itinerary on the various rides, including breaks for food and drinks.

Yes, the rain can’t stop us now!

Since Oliver is fervent for Cars, we headed for Cars Land first.

As expected, there’s a long queue. There’s a board indicating the approximate time you need to wait for the ride. You can also go to this site online to check out waiting times forecast. We had K stationed here while I brought O to the nearby Mater ride.

Walking down Radiator Springs!

You can have cone dogs or pretzels here~

Mater’s petting zoo!

Do note that patrons with Disney Fast Pass can be allowed to go first. We waited two rounds before our turn.

Riding in the drizzle!


After the ride, we had time to watch a 4D show in Bugs land, O was a bit scared of the special effects though, the seats will shake at a certain point. I decided to get some snacks for us and since the corn dog is famous, we walked all the way to the far end and guess who we saw?

Buzz Lightyear!

Lucky us~ And maybe it’s just me, but corn dogs ain’t really my thing, lol~

We had to run back to Cars Land (it was a veryyy~~ long way back) cos it’s our turn soon!

We hopped on a car… And I just wanna say, I’m too old for roller coaster drops already, hahaha~~

This was the car we took~

Of course O had to check out the merchandise.

We got a cars set for him~

Lunch time!

Trying the popular Corn chowder…

Fortunately we only got one bowl, cos it was filling enough to feed all three of us~ The bread we couldn’t finish, we threw to the ducks~

On to Paradise Pier~

For the Toy Story ride!

This was admittedly my favourite ride, there’s shooting of targets and no scary drop downs.

All the props are so pretty~

Too cold for water rides…

So we went for a show!

O really enjoyed this! All the familiar characters he’s seen on TV coming to life!

The sky darkened early…

Onwards to Monsters Inc!

It’s like being immersed in the movie!

There’s also meet-and-greets…


We didn’t manage to catch the Frozen show, though O wasn’t too into the movie anyway~

We had purposely lingered on this part of the street because…

Oliver’s favourite character- Spiderman!

O was STAR-STRUCK. The look in his eyes when he first saw Spiderman was both parts hilarious and heart-warming. It helped that the person playing Spidey was very friendly and they had a short conversation.

Back to Paradise Pier for food.

Lobster nachos! Beware it’s a bit spicy though~

A few more rides and we were ready to go home~ (p/s: don’t try the ferris wheel if you are scared of sudden drops like me huhu)

Such, such a pretty sight that awaited us…

Magical isn’t it?

The night just amplifies the magic~

We saw Mater and Lightning McQueen upclose!

Lightning McQueen ACTUALLY moves and talks, goodness~

The road sweeper sums it up perfectly for us~ “There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details.”- Walt Disney.


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