US Trip December 2016- LA Day 1 & 2: The Last Bookstore, Koreatown, Orange outlet

We took the domestic flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles which was about an hour. Do note that for every check-in luggage, there’s a charge of US$25. Had we known it’d cost so much more, we probably would’ve taken the overnight bus. The domestic flight costs about US$98 per person.

We met K’s brother at the airport and he drove us to our hotel.

And dinner at Grand Central Market.

We had some Thai curry beef and sushi before heading to a bookshop K said he knows I would like. Street view in L.A. at night…

K said it reminds him of Grand Theft Auto. I rolled my eyes.

The Last Bookstore.

Before going in, you have to leave any bag larger than 8×11″ with the security due to shoplifting precautions.

I must say, K totally knows my style~ Keke~

Kids section.

There’s also a vinyl records section. I didn’t go upstairs but there’s more books on the second floor. One thing I noticed about the store is that old books and new ones are placed side by side. You can have a pre-loved looking book selling at $8 next to a brand new hardcover at $28.

A good place to while away time.

I bought an adorable looking paperback titled “Our endless numbered days”. It’s a really weird story though- Think psychodramatic surrealism.

We left O with the family to go on a movie date in Korea town~

It’s a very small neighbourhood mall, ala Singapore’s Bras Basah. As the name suggests, it’s where the Korean community hangs out.

The movie I wanted to catch was “My Annoying Brother”, which was not available in Singapore. I pre-booked the tickets online and paid with credit card.

Collected the tickets from the counter…

A treat before the movie starts. 🙂

It’s delicious!

I must say, the theatre is rather old though. It reminds me of old Eng Wah cinemas with rickety seats and grainy screens. I enjoyed the show anyhow. The audience was largely Koreans, even the commercials were all Korean lol~ We seemed to be the only foreigners.

The view from our hotel next morning where we had our breakfast…

We visited the Orange outlet but I didn’t get anything except for a pair of Under Armour shorts, lol~

We had Buffalo Wings for lunch and walked around~

After shopping, we drove to the Airbnb apartment where we would be spending the next few days at. Such a pretty place!

Living room…

Dining area…

Tour of the entire house in this video:

Dinner was at Mitsuwa market.

Finally some decent ramen!

We bought some groceries and also a luggage at Ross for $89. There’s also a Toysrus in the same stretch and even I have to admit, if I’m a kid, I’ll go crazy in there, lol~

Best night so far as I enjoyed full 7 hours of sleep before waking up to cook some simple breakfast and toast for the family~ Much needed cos we’ll be heading for the “Happiest place on Earth” next!


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