US Trip December 2016- San Francisco Day 3: Mymy coffeeshop, Palace of the Fine Arts, b. patisserie, Land Ends

If you ever visit San Francisco, this is the one place you should go for a meal…

My My coffeeshop!

K’s friends brought us there. Be prepared for a queue! We waited like half an hour before getting in.

We ordered a Lemon dill crab shrimp cake and Lemon ricotta souffle pancake. The crab shrimp cake is delicious with the sauteed spinach and the rosti nice and crispy. Must try!

Look at the ricotta pancake! It’s huge, and there’s ricotta cheese sandwiched between the pancakes.

After breakfast, they drove us to the Golden Gate Bridge…

I was freezing in the cold lol~ The wind was slapping my face…

An obligated commemorative photo…

They proceeded to ask us whether we want to go to the Palace of the Fine Arts. At first I wasn’t very keen cos, what’s so special about a school structure (at least that’s what K’s friends told us lol) ? I’m glad we went along cos… This place is gorgeous!

What is this fairytale sight?!?

Straight out of a storybook can???

And if it’s still not mythical enough, look at this… Swans! I’ve never seen swans up close and they were just roaming around~


K practicing his photography skills, keke…

Click here for a quick view of the area!

A wonderful place for beautiful scenery and stroll…

This venue is apparently popular for wedding photoshoots, we spotted two couples taking theirs during our visit. Highly recommended to go!

We went to b. patisserie for dessert…

I LOVEEE sweet pastries and cakes…

So this was like a mini heaven for me!

The specialty of this place is the kouign aman; flaky, crispy butter croissant. So we ordered the three different flavours to share and two cakes. I can’t say I’m blown over by the taste though.

To end off the day, they took us to Land Ends, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

It’s a 15-20 mins walk/hike to where we can see the Golden Gate Bridge from another view.

Back to rocky shoreline where the sun was setting…

So serene looking isn’t it? 🙂

K trying to be artistic… LOL~

All I can remember is, the place is very pretty, but the weather was very cold… Brrr…

We ended the night with takeaway McDonalds lol~ Heading to LA the next day!


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