US Trip December 2016- San Francisco Day 2: Pier 39, Ghiradelli Square

Pier 39 is not only a pier, it’s a popular tourist site with shops, restaurants, 7D experience and sea lions!

Wanna grab a bottle of bath salt? Look at the pretty colours!

Is it funny how a sports shop is right next to an ice-cream store? LOL~

Choose your way to get fat: Crepes…

Or chocolate?

No prizes for guessing what’s our choice. šŸ™‚ Moving on…

Normally I won’t entertain these tourist traps, but O had been cranky and we thought a little ride would please him, so off goes US$10 for 3 rides. (Note that if child is below 5, he needs to be accompanied by an adult, which is payable.)

There’s a sea lion center on the 2nd floor, with basic info on ocean wildlife.

Go downstairs…


Sea lions!

They first began hauling out on this K-Dock after an earthquake in 1989, subsequently making this their newfound home. No feeding of them are allowed, but you can definitely take pictures!

We stayed for about half an hour, mainly to rest our feet and take a breather. Though the sea lions are smelly and made a lot of noises, it’s rather relaxing with the breeze and sunshine.

The warmth was a welcome from the winter chill and I felt comfortable enough to remove my thermal jacket.

We strolled back out for the next destination. There’s a tall Christmas tree!

An ironic picture- A homeless sitting amidst the Christmas cheer.

We walked to Ghiradelli Square.

If you love Ghiradelli chocolate, you can sit at the two cafes in this public square for desserts. There’s one at the entrance…

A small fountain beside it…

Walk further in…

There’s another Ghiradelli marketplace which is larger than the one at the entrance so less crowded. They sell the same things though. Our City Pass comes with a 10% discount off the Ghiradelli cafe so we entered the building for some drinks.

K and my mother-in-law ordered the milkshakes and I got a sea salt hot cocoa. My cocoa comes with a small bar of chocolate. The taste was rather underwhelming, you can hardly taste any salt and the drink was very sweet. I had A LOT of hot chocolate while in San Francisco, cos it’s so cold and the only other hot beverages available are coffee or tea. I prefer chocolate less sweetened as well, so the Ghiradelli chocolate wasn’t that fantastic to me. We bought a small box of dark chocolate almonds to bring home.

There’s also shops around the square.

The golden gate bridge illustration items are so cute!

So nostalgic… Betty Boop diner!

We exited the area…

Right next to the square was where we would take a cable car to our next destination.

Remember I mentioned I had two realizations on this day?

Realization No. 2: I finally knew why so many people here wears sunglasses. Look at the photo above. The sun was BLINDING!

It was ages before the cable car pulled in…

It’s only two stops to Lombard Street.

This one-way street is famous for it’s steep, eight sharp turns.

Super crowded though, both pedestrians and cars. We took a bus back to our hotel and passed by Chinatown. There’s a lot of Cantonese speaking people here and my MIL was able to use a familiar language to buy some chicken rice for take away.

During the night, we shopped at the Macy’s nearby. So happy to chance upon a 50% Martha Stewart sale! The pretty cake container only costs SG$24, likewise for the silicon baking mat. Balloon whisk and ice cube tray at $10 each and a mini mortar pestle for $13.50.

I also got a pair of Urbanears earphones at SG$42. The very nice cashier told us there’s 10% discount for tourists!

We ended the night with some mexican food at Bloomingdale’s food court. The taste wasn’t memorable but we’ll be having our best meal in San Francisco the very next day! Stay tuned!


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