US Trip December 2016- San Francisco Day 2: Farmer’s Market

I came to two realizations on this day.

Realization No. 1: I finally understood why everyone drives in America.

If you ever go to America with an elderly, a 5 year old kid and it’s your first time there, it’s better to just drive. If you can’t drive, try to take Uber. The location pinpoint is amazingly accurate and we haven’t had any problems using the service during the trip. Else, prepare to walk.

Like, really, walk.

I have a husband who is scarily optimistic and attempted to go to our first destination of the day by bus. Even with Google map, we couldn’t find the bus-stop. There’s nobody waiting around for buses in the area either. We ended up walking a whole 40 mins at the start of the day to Ferry building.

This, I surmised, could be the contributing factor to Oliver’s rare tantrum later on.

Cross the street, walk into the building… It’s a whole alley of food and restaurants.

Exit the door and you will encounter Farmer’s market, happening every Saturday 8am-2pm, Tuesday & Thursday 10am-2pm. If you love food and cooking like I do, this is one place you can’t miss while in San Francisco!

We had some Mexican food for breakfast. You might find it weird, eating something so heavy in the morning. But technically speaking, my body’s still in Singapore time so it’s like 10 plus at night? to my stomach.

It’s pretty nice, but wasn’t up MIL & Oliver’s alley. K eats anything. While they were still eating, I shopped around.

Look at all the fresh vegetables!

Hams and poultry…

Sundried tomatoes & lavender salt…

Actual lavender flowers…


Bread & pastries…

Artisan chocolates…

Had we been staying in an airbnb with a kitchen, I would have bought these home to cook! We did however, purchase a small piece of cheddar cheese. You can also sample many items there before you decide!

And the view is just absolutely fantastic.

Call me “sua ku”, but I’ve never seen seagulls like these before!

Oliver’s super “sian” face only perked up at the sight of the seagulls and he had some fun chasing them. There’s also a busker singing~ Click on the video below to view!

Obviously a plate of food is not enough for the four of us.

I wanted to try the pork knuckles.

US$10 for this biggie!

The meat’s very tough though, practically impenetrable with a plastic fork so we used our fingers.

We found a bench nearby to sit and was just beginning to enjoy the treat when, remember I told you the previous post about the homeless? I’ve been told that they usually don’t bother people so I wasn’t really prepared when a black homeless guy approached us.

He pointed to the pork knuckle and wanted a bite. K told him he will give him some after feeding our child, but the guy’s insistent, refusing to go away and kept making lip smacking sounds and aggressively gesturing to the food.

By then, I had already gathered my things, ready to run but worrying if my MIL can catch up and who’s going to carry Oliver? K, however, tore off the entire crispy crust and gave it to the man. Worse thing, K actually (stupidly) asked the man, “Is that enough?”

I did a mental face-palm.

No, it’s not that K’s kind. Well, he is, but I know him. He has these moments where his brain just fuses and he’ll ask redundant questions that results in unnecessary contention for example, it’s time for Oliver’s bath and he goes ask a still happily playing O, “Do you want to bathe?” You dumbo, of course the child will say no. Then he’ll spend the next 10 minutes arguing with the child why he should take a bath now, when all he needed to do, was to say, “Oliver, it’s time to bathe. You can play later if you want to.”

This, was one of those no-brainer moments.

Fortunately for us, the guy laughed and replied, “Yeah, feels like a million dollars!”

We walked away briskly back into the Ferry building. I’m not gonna lie, I’m very unfamiliar with this part of the culture and the situation made me scared. On hindsight, it’s just sharing food but I was very uncomfortable with the approach. O was confused and my MIL didn’t understand much English so she belatedly asked K what the guy said.

Got a fluffy donut to calm the nerves.

K wanted to try the ice-cream.

It’s okay, but not a must-try like the reviews said.

Bought a 99% cocoa chocolate bar from this candy shop cos I’ve never tried one. It’s pretty bitter!

Also got a vanilla chou for dessert and it’s delicious!

There’s still many stalls around but O was disinterested with everything so we asked whether he’s tired. He shook his head, still with his bored face and complaining there’s nothing to see.

Well, to be fair, food and groceries are admittedly unexciting to a child, but these are just part and parcel of traveling and I gave him an ultimatum.

One: He goes back to the hotel with granny and stay there until dinner time and we’ll meet them for dinner. (Which I know my MIL won’t mind cos she had been visibly fighting off jetlag and drooping off during the afternoon.)

Two: Stop complaining and we’ll bring him to see sea lions.

Not a surprise which one he chose. 🙂 We took a tram to Pier 39~ Off to see the sea lions!

Click here for US Trip San Francisco Day 2: Pier 39, Ghiradelli Square


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