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Selling my Secondhand Branded Bag on Styletribute

It’s the end of the year= Clearing out old stuff. I typically use Carousell to sell most items but was reluctant to put up my pretty Longchamp bag there cos I bought it for $800+ and people usually expect dirt cheap on that site.

So I sourced around the internet for an alternative and came across Style Tribute.


There’s two ways to selling on this site, one is where you download their app and post the item yourself, the other is the “White glove service”, where they help photograph your bag and deal with the transaction on your behalf. However, they charge a 30% commission on the selling price for items below $1000 and 25% for items above $1000.

I chose white glove service as I wasn’t sure how much to price it. There’s a pick up charge of $15 as I was selling less than 10 items, but I didn’t want to go down all the way to Pasir Panjang to drop it off since I live in the East. I emailed Style Tribute with some pictures of the bag and the response was swift. We arranged for a pick up time and my item was to be sold at $450 according to the Consignment agreement emailed to me after being examined by the experts.

The item can be kept at Style Tribute for up to 6 months before it’s returned to the consignee. This was in August. Three months later, they sent another email asking if we would like to offer a 30-50% discount on our items for Black Friday and they’ll throw in another 10% from their end, making it a 60% discount in total.  I decided to just sell it cheap.

In the end, I earned only $157.50, probably not the best deal but hey, it’s a pretty painless process.


So if you’re looking to sell on another site which is not Carousell, you might want to try this, it’s legit cos I received the credit in my bank account promptly after the sale. ^^


One thought on “Selling my Secondhand Branded Bag on Styletribute

  1. ​The White Glove service is a joke. They took several days to confirm they have picked up my bags, and then a few more days to take very bad photos of them. I provided the names of the models of my bags in my email – and they proceeded to ignore this and describe them in generic terms like “white shoulder bag”. Some great marketing value-add this is – how would anyone know which model and whether these bags are authentic? And the worst, they low-balled me and offered me 20% of the retail price of the brand new with tag bags. Don’t waste your time with them. They are slow, they have no marketing expertise and the rates they offer you is laughable.​

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