Places to Bring your Kids

KidZania Singapore- A Kid’s Dream Playground!


If you haven’t already been to KidZania with your children, you should totally make a conscious choice to go. And here’s why:

  1. Superb, total fun for the kid – Oliver enjoyed himself so much he kept asking us when are we going again.
  2. Parents get to “zo bo” (do nothing)– Of course you can hover around your children and snap pictures at 1210977239 per minute, but K and I mostly chose to capture some moments, then proceed to sit down and “nuah”. Total bliss. And the most important part?
  3. Cos your child is the one involved in all the activities and you are just coo-ing at him/admiring the facilities, at the end of the day, their energy is spent whilst you still have enough to bring the tod home, have dinner, bathe, and even read a story if the child is not entirely knocked out yet.

And this place is just so cool! Check out the video tour below:

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#kidzania tour 1

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KidZania is basically where children get to role-play in all kinds of occupations, earn “kidZos” (money), which they can use in activities and shopping, or even save it in the bank!

This is how the kidZos look like:



As there’s KidZania all over the world, the money deposited in their “bank” can be used in other countries as well!

Oliver activated the card first… (Parents are not allowed inside most job establishments so this is really independence at play!)


His first “job” was a surgeon~ He was given a hairnet just like the real surgeons (don’t throw this away cos it can be re-used at other areas and you get a kidZo dollar off for recycling).


Also a photographer…



His turn to get a photo taken!


Up next, police officer!


Controlling the crowd at a firefighting scene!

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Oliver controlling crowd as police officer #kidzania

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Became a football player…


And one of his favourites… A fireman!



Look at them all engrossed in the training…


The exciting firefighting!

Oliver as firefighter #kidzania

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The city has two levels, where you can find more job establishments and also a play area for younger children…


Parents’ lounge with free wifi…



  • Some occupations like the police, firefighters and pilots are very popular so do remember to try them first as the city closes at 5 pm.
  • There’s hot/cold water dispensers on the second level near the washrooms so you don’t have to buy plain water.
  • Since there’s many establishments like KFC, Pizzahut, Paddlepop etc, where the child gets to bring the food back with them after “working”, try alternating them with other energy exhausting jobs like the football player, so they get constant refreshment.

O got to bring back some sweets after he worked at the candy store!



It was definitely an enjoyable family outing!



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