Brutally Honest Reviews

M’phir the nail bar- Accidental find in Orchard

I don’t go to the nail salon very often. Twice a year?

It’s usually when I feel my heel chalking up so much dead skin it doesn’t help even after I’ve filed it down myself. So yesterday I was looking for a nail salon in Orchard as I’m going to watch a movie there later. After googling, I narrowed down to two salons but the first one wasn’t opened, so I called up the second one.  It’s totally by accident I discovered this rare gem.

Winning point #1: The prices are stated clearly in their website

Winning point #2: Accessibility.

M’phir is conveniently located at the second floor of Tangs. Easy to miss though, cos it’s near the washrooms.



There’s a manicure and nail art promo going on now but I needed a pedicure so…



Nothing much to rave about the decor. Simple, neat and cosy. There was only one other customer when I arrived near 5 pm and she was chatting vividly with the pedicurist.

My pedicurist, on the other hand, was very quiet.

Winning point #3: A pedicurist who doesn’t chat your ears off.

Of course, if you are in an amiable mood, don’t look for Joanne, go for her colleague. She seems candid enough.

First, a salt soak. I chose my nail colour and Joanne went to work. I’m also pleased to note she kept her work station clean and tidy.

Winning point #4: Awesome job at scrubbing heels.

Now, this is important to me cos I only ever do pedicures (I like to keep my hands clean). And sometimes even after exiting the nail salon my heels were still crusty and felt rough after a few days. When I asked Joanne about it, she explained for my case, they have to file my heel parallel against the cracked lines, not across.

A pedicurist who knows what she’s doing~ A+++

She noted my cracked heels and asked whether I’ll like to do a mask. Due to time constraint, I said no, to which she advised me to apply some heel cream available at pharmacies.

Winning point #5: No hard-selling.

This practically sealed the deal for me. Not only was Joanne thorough in her job, she gave practical solutions, and though she did show me their package, she didn’t push me to buy anything.

The results:


I chose a pinkish, nude colour. No bubbles! I’m very satisfied with the experience.

If you are in Orchard area and looking for a good nail salon, do try M’phir! Joanne told me they are busier during the weekends, so remember to make an appointment first!


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