Places to Bring your Kids

An Important note before taking your Child to a Theatre play

One of the additional curriculums offered in O’s pre-school is Speech and Drama. I’m not sure the extent it aided in his self-expression skills, but I did notice O is usually especially drained after the class.

Which essentially means he’s mentally stimulated, quite thoroughly. And no, it’s not just physical exhaustion cos my son has the energy level of two energizer bunnies.

Naturally, I started bringing him to actual theatre plays. Last night, we watched the “Three Little Pigs”.


He likes the pig “Bao” best and dislikes Big bad wolf cos he blew the pigs’ houses away, lol~

This is his third play, and I’ve come to notice:

It’s not necessary to sit close to the stage, as the larger than life figures and props might scare young children.

We were sitting in the 4th row for his first play, 2nd row for the second and third. With similar acoustics and settings, he was only willing to re-visit the first show, where we were relatively distant from the performers.

That said, he enjoyed all the shows.

Though of course, every child is different and yours might just be the one who loves it up close and personal. 🙂

If you are thinking of bringing your child to a play, the “Three Little Pigs” is running from today onwards, at the Singapore Repertory Theatre. Ticket prices start from S$28, you can find more details here.


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