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Love Melissa shoes? Know how to get them at a cheaper price?

Love Melissa shoes?

I chanced upon a pair that I like in Tangs, but no lies, the moment I saw the price, I did a mini mental backflip.

So I went online to check if there’s any sites selling them cheaper. However, even after applying discount coupons, it’s still about the same if you bought them at departmental stores.

Then I had a brilliant idea. Remembering there’s a site that allows travellers to help you get items from overseas, I logged onto Airfrov. And sure enough, there’s travellers in Brazil and Thailand (where Melissa shoes are sold cheaper) who can help purchase the items.

So I posted a request with the amount that I’m willing to pay, and the day after, a traveller offered to help get them. I deposited the money with Airfrov (this is being held until transaction’s fully completed) and a month or so later, the traveller informed me my shoes had arrived. I dropped by Airfrov, showed my transaction ID, pressed the “release payment” witnessed by the staff and ta-dah!

The Melissa shoes are mine!


This is Melissa Praia in Light Pink. Departmental stores sell it at S$115. Whilst I only paid S$70 for it on Airfrov.

If you are willing to wait, do try this method! Remember to double check the sizes though, cos I was a bit confused with the Brazilian sizing. US6=BRA35.

You can use my referral code: ZCHJN to sign up and receive S$10 off your 1st purchase~

Happy shopping! ^^



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