Places to Bring your Kids

Diggersite at East Coast Park

Does your toddler love construction machinery?

Oliver has a fascination with diggers since two years old and though it’s somewhat given way to cartoon characters, he still points them out whenever we pass by them. Sometimes even stopping to watch them do their stuff. So imagine his amazement when we chanced upon this place at East Coast Park-


diggersite2It’s token-operated small-scale mini cranes.diggersite6

First, get the tokens at the reception counter. It’s $7 for 5 mins or $18 for 3 rides. Very expensive play ride.

You can either choose to play indoors, to grab colourful balls, or head outside to excavate sand. Of course O will choose the real deal.

So we headed out despite the warmth and waited about 10 mins for our turn.


You can also choose the station to knock down bottle pins.


General play rules:


When it’s our turn to play, O put on the hard hat and got on K’s lap (he didn’t want to play alone).


In motion…

diggerNeedless to say, he had a lot of fun, albeit a very short time. I was thankful to sneak back indoors for some air-con. diggersite


It’s too expensive to be a frequent thing, but definitely quite a novel thing to try out! You can visit their official FB here for details.



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