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StickerKid review- Personalized stickers for children

Ever since O started school we’ve been labelling his belongings with a marker pen and have to re-do it every time it washes off.

But the good folks at StickerKid recently sent us a package that saved our lives~ And guess what? It’s customizable and UBER CUTE too!

stickerkid10It was fun selecting the text, colours and images together with O, there’s so many to choose from!

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 5.31.21 pmO liked a few but we finally settled for his current favourites. He was super excited when he saw that his “car stickers” had arrived in the mail!

stickerkid11StickerKid is produced in Switzerland and each layer protected with a thin plastic layer to ensure it withstands challenges from microwaves, dishwashers, water, sun, sand etc…

We’ve been using the stickers for almost 2 weeks now and I’m glad to say, it’s just as good as it claims! They’ve gone through numerous washings, grating from sand when we brought O to the beach and abrasions from his hardworking little feet- Truly excellent quality, smooth stickers that adheres well.


stickerkid4I was pleasantly surprised cos this wasn’t the first time O stuck some stickers on his bag but it didn’t come off like the others.

stickerkid5The iron-ons were really easy to apply too. I followed the instructions on the mailer:

stickerkid9And ta-dah! stickerkid7My only qualm was the temporary iron-ons are only available in two background colours, white and black. If you want more colour choices, go for the permanent ones.

stickerkid8Usually by this time the marker pen writings would have gone off but with the stickers, no more such hassle!

I’m very happy with the stickers and if you are looking for great quality personalized stickers for your child, there’s a 10% discount for all Oliversmile readers!

Just key in SG10STICKERKI9_P2 during your purchase at Stickerkid, promotion valid until the end of the year! ^^






Disclaimer: Oliversmile was given a set of complimentary Starter Pack from StickerKid for reviews, no other monetary compensation was received for this post.



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