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Gudetama Mini Custard Buns

I have a mini crush on Gudetama.

Gudetama is a Sanrio character, known to be the most unmotivated lazy egg.

I came across a steamed bun recipe online and used it to shape them.

gudetama4It wasn’t a very successful attempt cos most of my buns went out of shape. I later realized it’s cos I didn’t allow it enough time for a final rise, plus I steamed the buns over already boiling water, making it too hot for a gradual rise. Fortunately, there’s still some surviving ones…


gudetama2Since I don’t have any shortening on hand, I replaced it with canola oil. I also added some yellow colouring into the dough to achieve Gudetama’s signature yolk yellow, and melted chocolate for drawing the eyes and mouth.

My first attempt at making Hongkong steamed paus!

gudetama3Do you like Gudetama too? :p



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