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My Love Affair with Kitchen Mixers

I just got myself a new toy. Cue the angels singing music.

kitchenaidmixericeblue1Yes, I did it. I spent an unholy $700 on this Kitchenaid Artisan mixer after spotting a fair deal on Qoo10. *guilty face*

There’s no other good explanations for this splurge except I’m fulfilling an insatiable want and long awaited dream of a fancy baker.

I bake 2-3 times per week nowadays and after involving myself in bread making, I realized my Philips stand mixer is horribly useless at handling any sorts of dough, working at it for short moments before giving up and tilting it’s motorhead as if to tell me, “Oei, cannot leh.”

Well, I could have gotten a breadmaker at one-third of the price or even employ the old-fashioned method of kneading by hand, but as I’ve said, this is a want. Even if I were to get a breadmaker, I would keep thinking about it. And I like the pretty colour.

Vanity. Sigh.

My experience with kitchen mixers isn’t extensive by any standards, but I’ll give a short review of each of my love affairs with them:

mixersThe little fellow on the left, is my first handheld mixer buddy, a Kenwood HM320 which I got below $60 a long time ago. I love this machine, it’s gone through some very rough handling but stood up well over time, easy to use, clean, does everything that a handmixer is supposed to do and still sturdy and going strong. Definitely a 10/10.

Philips HR1565 in the middle, is a bit of a regretful purchase. Although affordable at below $70, it’s pretty useless compared to her tinier counterpart. Besides all the shortcomings I mentioned just now regarding breadmaking, it’s dreadful at whisking up egg whites, failing to pick up small amounts (by small, I mean 2 egg whites) and risks overbeating. The hooks also leaves scratches in the plastic bowl. However, she’s light and compact, easy to store or move around. Great for gentle whiskings, but the motor gets hot after using for some time. You are better off with a handheld mixer. 5/10.

Kitchenaid KSM150 Artisan. The moment I got her today, I put her to work with some Japanese soft rice bread recipe. When the motorhead starts trembling as it gets to the ball stage, I was half dreading it to release it’s lock and pop up just like the Philips one, but it trudged on steadily, motor heating up a bit but otherwise looking fine. I heaved a sense of relief when it finally pulled off from the sides and made a nice ball.

Pinching off a piece of dough after 10 mins, I was delighted to see it stretching into a nice windowpane stage. So far, I’m pretty satisfied with her performance. Ease of use: 9/10. (Can’t give full marks yet cos I just got her and is subjected to further observations!)

Fancy some nice bread from my new machine? 😀




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