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Japanese Purple Sweet Potato Montblanc

I got some purple sweet potato from the supermarket recently and the colours are just so gorgeous I knew I had to make it into a dessert of some sort.

At first I added it to a chocolate sponge cake…


It’s superrrr filling for each slice cos well, sweet potato is very filling. I thought a smaller version will suffice, and then I thought, why not make a montblanc? I’ve never tried making one before.

Originally, a classic Montblanc is made from pureed chestnut, but in Japan, pumpkin or sweet potato are widely used. There’s basically 3 components to a Montblanc- A cake base, some filling, and swirls of toppings.

So I used the red velvet chocolate recipe from this small batch baking book and baked it in a 9 x 5″ loaf pan (I doubled the recipe cos I’d like my Montblanc cake base to be higher at approx 2″ tall).  Once it’s cooled, I cut out three pieces with a 2.5 inch cake ring.

Next, I whipped up 50g of heavy cream with 1 tsp of stevia and piped it onto each cake base. As I’ve already got some steamed purple sweet potato on hand, I combined it with whipping cream to make it more viscous. Then sprinkled some green tea powder.

Dessert full of antioxidants!

purplepotatomontblancpurplepotatomontblanc2There’s supposed to be three but daddy and son ate one before I could take a pic. *shrugs* And sorry for the horrible piping, I don’t have the multi-opening tip commonly used to give that pretty signature swirl and I think I cut my piping bag’s tip too much so the paste came out a bit thick, hahaha~~~ Will probably repost with a complete recipe the next time I get my hands on another batch of delicious purple sweet potato!




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