Dear Oliver, this is Love.

Today your Daddy was talking about how you were holding hands with your female classmate in school and how cute the two of you looked.

You are four years old. 

I dread the day you turn 14 and bring your first girlfriend home (or maybe even earlier, I dunno, apparently your daddy said he was a lady-killer around that age so I’ll just use that as a guide), I’ll probably mutate into Over-protective Mom or something. 

Perhaps one day, you’ll read this blog to find out what your mom has said about you even before you’re born maybe out of curiosity or with the intention to delete the embarrassing details (fyi, you can’t cos I have the important ones in hard drive, haha). So this post is for you. 

I’m writing this on the 7th anniversary of your daddy and mommy. 


Now you’ll possibly hear about the “7 year itch”. It might become “3 year itch” in your time I’m not sure cos people are saying it’s 5 years now. Anyway, it’s a typical time frame people see the start of a marriage decline.

But your daddy and mommy is anything but. 

In fact, my love for your daddy grows and grows over time. And I wanna tell you, it’s okay if you don’t feel butterflies in your stomach for your future spouse at first. I didn’t.

I was completely comfortable in my skin with your daddy. No jitters wrecking up a storm in my insides nor a first kiss with explosives going off in my head (Well, he did make me a bit breathless, but that’s cos he was practically sucking the breath out of me). I felt like I could be myself when I was with him. And he still loves me for who I am.

Your daddy isn’t the romantic type. He’s a low-key grinch. We fought, a lot, during our courting years. But we worked out all the kinks before our marriage and I’m reminding you, we still have our occassional tiffs but the road just gets smoother and easier as it goes along. 

We’ve tried to show you, in our little ways, how a marriage works. I’m not certain how it looks like in your eyes, but I pray it’s an enduring and contented one, cos that’s how I feel about your daddy. 

His love is the kind that’s described in the Bible- Patient and kind, ever trusting. 

I pray one day you’ll find that kind of love. 

Not just a person you want to live with. But a person you can’t live without. 


Our love goes a little way over 7 years. And along the journey, it created you. One day, you’ll find a person you want to hold hands with ’til the ends of the earth. 

And one day, you’ll probably wonder, like what your mommy is doing now, whether you’ve told your spouse enough times how much you love and appreciate her, cos that’s all you’ll ever want her to know, on the day you draw your last breath.

I love you.

I love, you. 


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