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Homemade Japanese soft rich bread for Mother’s Day!

I’m officially celebrating my 4th year as a Mom.

It’s been quite a journey. At first it seems like all this little baby can do is cry and make my life miserable. But as people say, it gets better. And suddenly O is of the age where he’ll pick flowers and brings them home for me. *cue the awwws~*

My own mother isn’t around anymore. But I’ve got a mother-in-law.

She isn’t a cake person. So I baked her some bread for the occassion.

japanesesoftbreadThe recipe is from Diana Gale’s The Domestic Goddess Wannabe. It’s a fairly fuss-free recipe with a stand mixer. However, the $69 Philips brand I’m using can’t quite handle the strenuous kneading process at times. The head will pop out during mixing and I had to press it down to keep it going. Wonder how long it will take before the motor gives up, lol~

japanesesoftbread1It turned out beautifully and I wrapped it up with some wax paper and lace/thread.

japanesesoftbread2How did you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?


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