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Bloc+ Hair Salon review & Mother’s Day discount!

I’ve been with NK Hairworks for a good number of years but ever since my hairstylist moved to another branch I’ve been struggling to find another suitable hairdresser near my house.

That’s when I chanced upon Bloc the salon, located along Joo Chiat Rd, just right across 112 Katong.


The first thing which drew me to this place was the quiet charm- Industrial minimalist design, vintage looking chairs and suitcases (you’ll later find out what this is for) facing huge, oversized mirrors and soft, indie music playing in the background. It’s a nice change from the headache inducing pop songs I’ve always had to endure during my salon visits. 



bloc7I don’t think I have a huge hair problem, but one very annoying thing is that, it’s frizzy and curls up in awkward directions at the ends. During very bad hair days, I have one side wavy and the other side relatively straight, making me look like a mad woman.

However, I’m super lazy when it comes to hair managing. I’ve tried putting on hair serums and what not but it usually lasts not more than a few weeks before I totally gave up. So, I was looking to do rebonding but I don’t want the stiff-straight look. That’s when my colleague introduced me to Kerasilk treatment.

Kerasilk claims that it’s toxic-free, none of that formaldehyde cancer-inducing stuff and not only that, it’s totally customizable. You can maintain your natural hair texture, whether it’s curly or straight, the difference being, it de-frizzes your hair, making everyday styling easier. Oh yes to that please.

I’ve seen with my own two eyes how her dyed-damaged hair looked perfectly manageable now and I was tempted. So here I am.

bloc2My hairstylist is Colson, who explained the entire process of Kerasilk to me and the differences between rebonding before we proceed.

Remember I told you about the vintage looking suitcases? It’s to put your bag. 🙂

bloc4Close it, and you have yourself a decent sized table for drinks and magazines. Neat eh?

You’ll also be offered a hot towel and lotion to clean and moisturize your hands- Reminds me of some flight experiences lol~

The treatment wasn’t quite what I’m used to. There’s no steamer applied to my hair. It’s literally- Wash hair, apply stuff. Wait. Rinse hair, apply stuff and wait again. Then rinse hair, blow dry, clamping with straightener and voila! I’m done.

The whole thing took about 2 hours and my scalp felt a bit of stinging during the second application. But after it’s washed out I felt fine.

I was concerned it being a tad flat but Colson convinced me it will get better after a few days.

Here’s the comparison photos: Left (before treatment). Right (a week after treatment).

hairdiffcMy hair is noticeably more tame and manageable. I didn’t apply anything nor blow-dried my hair after shower yet it didn’t stick out in weird directions in the morning.

The treatment cost ranges from $250-$350 (I got the creative director so it’s $350 for mine).



Mother’s Day discount special!

If you’re looking to try the Kerasilk or another other services at Bloc, just remember to quote oliversmile during the month of May 2015 when you make an appointment to enjoy a special discount of 20% plus a FREE detangler brush!

Bloc+ opening hours: 

Tues- Sat: 11am- 8pm (closed on Mon)

Sun: 11am- 7pm



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