To the Parents of 2 little heros at Canopy playgrd last Sun

We brought Oliver to the Canopy playground at Changi Airport Terminal 1 last Sunday afternoon.

Shortly after we arrived, there was a disgruntled looking boy about 10 years old, speaking passionately to a similar aged looking girl. We didn’t pay much attention to them, until O was crossing the cone obstacles here towards the netted balancing beam. 

image_gallerySuddenly, a boy around 8-9 years old ran towards O in the opposite direction and he used the momentum to shove Oliver, hard, onto the floor. It was intentional and executed quite ruthlessly.

Seconds later, O broke into tears. I was rendered speechless.

At this sight, the older boy whom we noted previously started fuming and pointing to the troublemaker, remarking heatedly, “I’m going to come up right now, you stay there, I’m going–” And he did exactly that, climbing up the obstacle course in record speed to confront him. The girl he was talking to earlier followed suit.

K stood up from where we were sitting to calmly tell the boy to get down from the play area. The boy had a hard look on his face and refused to oblige. The older boy grabbed him by the arm and attempted to pull him away, whilst the girl quickly rushed towards O to comfort him, gently stroking his chest where he was pushed and asking, “Are you okay? Are you alright?” 

By this time, a helper appeared and K asked whether the parents are around. Sensing that he’s in trouble, the boy teared up as the helper called for the guardian- Who happened to be his grandmother. She looked stout and angrily threatened her grandson to get down immediately by waving a white cane in hand. The boy finally relented and was escorted down by the older kid as he cried. K explained the situation to her and the older boy piped up, bearing witness to the pushing.

After the obligatory apology, they left and the elder kid once again asked whether O was okay. My 3 year old nodded earnestly, albeit a little confused and overwhelmed by the situation. However, kids being kids, they were back in play mode a minute later.

Subsequently, K told me that the helper said the grandson is always naughty like that, even at home. No wonder the grandmother brings a cane with her wherever she goes. It’s baffling, how there’s obvious disciplinary actions in place but it’s seemingly useless. 

But most importantly, from this incident, I witnessed two little heros in action.

It turned out that the older boy had seen the troublemaker disturbing others before we came and warned him already.

To the parents of the bespectacled elder boy at Canopy playground last Sunday,

Your son was fiercely brave in the face of bullying and stood up for the weaker ones. And best of all, throughout the situation, he was employing reason and logic, not a single bad word and I was thoroughly impressed with his apparent righteousness and maturity. 

And to the parents of the little girl who comforted little Oliver, 

Your daughter has a heart of gold and compassion. I thank you for raising a lovely lady with such a tender disposition. 

As new parents ourselves, we have much to learn and I pray that O will have the same brave heart and grace as like your children.

Thank you. 🙂



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