Why do 3 year olds pee on the floor?

O is sufficiently toilet trained. 

I have to admit, we actually breezed through his toilet training a year ago cos the childcare center was doing most of the work for us. We ever only had ONE accident at home. That’s it. 

But today, not only did O pee on the floor, he did it TWICE. In a day. 

The first time was when he was coming back from school in the evening and I assumed he couldn’t hold in his bladders and just…

let it goSeconds before he reached the toilet.

Ugh. So close yet so far. I calmly told him how it’s unhygienic and he should go at the childcare center before coming home if he’s already got an urge then. He looked remorseful and didn’t even dare move from his position whilst I cleaned up the mess. 

Two hours later after dinner, he was playing in the living room when he started doing the “I’m about to poop” dance. Daddy reminded him to go to the toilet but he insisted he doesn’t need to go. So K went about his changing of bedsheet routine whilst I was cleaning up in the kitchen. And then a few minutes later, I heard K questioning O in a serious voice. It happened again. He peed on the mat in the living room. Though not as disastrous as before (it’s only a puddle and didn’t get on the sofa THANK GOD). This time, he got both a lecture and caning cos he lied to Daddy, refusing to admit he…


We were puzzled with his regression and came up with the following reasons:

1. He’s too busy playing and got so absorbed in whatever he was doing he couldn’t get to the toilet in time.

2. He has too much poop in his stomach and cos he’s got a fear of pooping, the pee leaked out.

A quick search on the internet also suggested it might be intentional cos he’s seeking our attention, or feels a sense of thrill when breaking the rules.

However, both K and I deduced reason no. 2 might be more plausible as it wouldn’t be the first time O is holding in his poop resulting in negative consequences. Several weeks ago, we had to visit the doctor cos his stomach was so bloated he puked out the prune juice given to help with his bowel movements.

We’ve been struggling with getting O to overcome his anxiety about pooping, praising him or rewarding him when he goes, giving him lots of water and increasing fibre intake. But progress has been really slow so far. 

So how did you help your little one with pooping issues? 

I’m not too sure we’re ready for yet another “let it go” episode.


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