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Small batch baking: Baby Carrot Cupcakes

I love small batch baking.

You really don’t need a 12 cupcakes recipe when there’s only 2 adults & 1 child at home.

Scaling down recipes can be a pain, so I bought this book and so far the ones I’ve tried all received raving reviews, including the one I’m about to share now. The only thing “complicated” about this recipe is the number of ingredients involved (besides the usual suspects like flour, oil, egg, sugar etc, there’s also cinnamon, raisins, pecans/walnuts, flaked coconut- some of which I seldom keep around the house) and the tedious carrot grating part (thankfully this recipe only calls for one carrot). Otherwise, it’s really a one bowl recipe that’s easy to prepare once you got the hang of it.


Baby Carrot Cupcakes.

Love the cream cheese with pecan toppings!

A rant about buying pecans- They are not commonly stocked near my area and even if there is, they’re so expensive? I saw a small pack in Giant around 150 grams that costs $8+. In the end, I got my 250 grams pack from Phoon Huat during the Christmas season at $9+ lol~

carrotcake1Lovely set 4 cupcakes, just enough for 2 days of breakfast for all of us. 🙂


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