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Did Ikea change it’s management cos Whoa~ I Love it.

I haven’t met anyone in Singapore who hasn’t bought at least one item from Ikea yet.

We are not regulars, but when we need furniture, it’s the first store that automatically comes to mind. Service is so-so, nothing overwhelming. Recently, in view that our red sofa finally yielded under “Oliver’s Ultimate Jumping Force”, and I thought the glass dining table our previous owner left behind was so useless, we decided to pay Ikea a visit.

I always do my research beforehand so I already knew what items I wanna get. The first face-to-face customer service was at the sofas section, where K offhandedly remarked that the uncle seemed ultra nice. Although he did make an error with the system since he’s new at the job, so we chalked it up to newbie enthusiasm and moved on to the kitchen section. The Stenstorp kitchen island I was eyeing was out of stock, probably due to the Christmas offer which took $100 off the original price tag. However, on seeing our disappointment, the staff offered to swap an instock from a corporate order, since the company wasn’t in a hurry to receive the items and the next shipment would be soon.

At this point, we were pleasantly surprised with the pro-active attitude. Thanking the staff profusely, we were about to pick up a trolley from the warehouse section when we realized there’s none left. It’s the holiday season and the store was teeming with shoppers so all trolleys were already taken. K approached a staff and asked where he could get more and instead of pointing us in another direction (which was what they usually do), the guy told his colleague to take over his post so he could find one for us himself.


What is this zealous customer service we are encountering I sure hope they’ll keep it up.

Besides, all the staff were serving with a seemingly genuine sense of passion, in place of the usual black-face when you so much as ask, “May I know…”. Even the cashier, who was probably serving his 495th customer of the day, spent some time in playing with O whilst scanning the products. All this in the face of Christmas season, where disgruntled overworked service staff is to be expected- It’s certainly a pleasant surprise.


The $895 Stocksund sofa we got. Also finally ditched the feckless dining table for a large working top for my cooking and baking.


This Stenstorp kitchen island costs $499 after discount.

Baked some cinnamon buns today with the new oven glove K gifted me for Christmas. 🙂



It’s so liberating to have so much space to slap the dough around.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ^^




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