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Lovely concept store for Children Books at One KM Mall

We went to the newly opened One KM Mall at Tanjong Katong last weekend.

A store caught Oliver’s eyes. Or rather, a book did.


Whilst he was pestering Daddy to read him the book, I realized something special about this place.

It’s totally tailored to pint-sized kids. 

There’s short stairs where children can sit down with parents to browse the books and access the higher shelves.


Books for toddlers and pre-school are placed where they can be easily reached.


There’s even a little book nook.


Besides the classic titles from Dr Seus and Roald Dahl, there’s also selected parenting books available.


The lovely young lady at the store told me they have free story-telling sessions during weekend afternoons. It’s truly a lovely concept store for tiny book lovers, I just had to support it by gifting O the book he had his eye on the entire time.


Well, seems like we have one satisfied customer.

On hindsight, $17.90 in exchange for happiness within knowledge? I’d say it’s a pretty good deal. 🙂


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