Just the 2 of us. Seoul, Korea- Day 4 (Apgujeong, Gangnam) Part 2

Due to the nature of my job, I first got introduced to Korean music in 2006.

I remembered Sung Si Kyung sauntering into the studio for his voice recording and thinking woah~ He’s tall.

My playlist included music from Sung Si Kyung, Kangta, Minwoo (Shinhwa), Loveholic, Clazziquai and the occassional hits. The interest sort of dwindled after that.

Until Super Junior came along.


I was hooked on EHB, a variety show where Super Junior guested to explore questions about the human body. It was HILARIOUS. I was choking on the laughing gas episode.

Their hit “Sorry Sorry” reeled me headlong into Kpop.

So here I was, pattering to Apgujeong for a glance of these celebrity joints.


The minute we’re out of Apgujeong Rodeo station, we saw these life-sized standees.



There’s also a cd listening station. How nostalgic. Reminded me of the times I used to spend in HMV or the likes spinning potential record buys.


There’s a small cafe right outside the subway station as well.


This is the SM Global training centre.


We had a glimpse and then proceeded to Kona Beans, a cafe owned by three Super Junior members. This was a really quiet and nice neighbourhood during Sundays.



The infamous bubble tea shop where your favourite Kpop artiste would probably have visited once in his or her life…



And here we are!



This place reminds me of a holiday resort, lol~

We ordered a juice smoothie and lazed around utilising the free wifi provided in the cafe. I probably don’t look it but I was feeling pretty shagged here.

apgujeong20After idling a good hour or so, we strolled along Gangnam to Cafe Rainbow where we’re supposed to catch the Banpo Bridge Fountain Show.

There’s a few ways to view the show, one is to look out from the cafe that faces the bridge. The other, is to book a tour where they ferry you right next to the bridge and the fountain cascades in front of you. I chose the less dramatic (and cheaper) option.

Little did we know, we’re going to find out later that there’s a third choice.


It was a good 20 minutes walk and thank God for the wifi router we purchased that allowed us to find our way around. However, it was rather warm in the cafe and since it’s another half hour before we get to view the bridge’s fountain show, we trotted downstairs and saw ourselves underneath a bridge.


And lo and behold… We were looking at Han River.


The river bank stretches on for miles and miles and it felt so liberating to just sit around and watch people enjoying their free time cycling, playing soccer, camping or just walking their dogs.

We also realized instead of cooping ourselves in the cafe, we can just view the fountain show from here.


It was slightly chilly in the open, I think about 15 degrees? But very refreshing.

Judging from K loosening up and bobbing around taking pictures, I guessed this must be his favourite part of the entire trip.

Dusk fell. We just watched and breathed.


8 p.m. The show started.

20 minutes in, and I was ready for dinner.

We walked all the way back Sinsa to Sigol Babsang, a traditional Korean restaurant selling bulgogi and bean paste soups.



For 8000 krw, you can sample up to 30 side dishes.



I can’t for the life of me remember how much we spent on the bulgogi set, but it wasn’t expensive. The one at Itaewon is open 24 hours as well, just a note if you’re looking for late night eateries.

Sigol Bapsang: 549-9 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu

Feeling pecky, we entered O’ Sulloc cafe, a 5 mins walk down the street.

apgujeong32apgujeong33The green tea desserts looked so good and we ordered a matcha cheesecake with matcha ice-cream azuki beans drink.


Verdict? Don’t ever ever order the cheesecake unless you’re an absolute fan of cream cheese and can take it close to unsweetened.

I mean, I understand it’s more healthy but it’s a dessert, for goodness sake. And unless the cream cheese is non-fat or something, cream cheese doesn’t actually qualify under “healthy snacks” category. The matcha ice-cream drink is a win though.

While at it, you can also browse for some tea selections.


Since I’ve already got more than enough tea at home, we opted for marveling at the furniture instead.


The chairs are actually tilted down on the back legs so you sort of get propped up comfortably. Definitely a detail I appreciate for a long conversation with friends (or lover).

Too bad, my lover and I were drooping already…




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