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Rabbit Strawberry Shortcake

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m early by a day but who cares? Haha~


So I made this the other day and I thought it’s apt for the occassion.


The recipe is from Ochikeron and you can click the description box in her video for it.

What I basically added, was tinted the icing with some rose petal pink coloring gel and piped it into a rabbit face. The eyes and mouth were made using this chocolate pen I purchased from Muji:


It was $5+ for a set, if my memories serve me correctly. Kinda steep but aye, it’s super cute! Also decorated with croquants on the side, purchased from Sun Lik. It’s roasted nuts with caramelized sugar by the way, perfect for croissants and cakes like these!


Speaking of Muji, I bought this set of cat cookie cutters for $12.90 on the same day.


This is what the end results looked like:


What’s your special treats for Mother’s Day? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rabbit Strawberry Shortcake

  1. Woo. I am inspired! Saw some big juicy strawberries at cold storage jus now. I shld so try this if i can find the time tomorrow 🙂
    Happy mother’s day to you! Have a blast!


    1. Thank you! And finally I tempted you to do something since your pics always make me wanna pick up the mixing bowls and oven trays lolll~~ And I noticed there’s so much strawberries nowadays in the supermarket near my house as well, are they in season? Happy Mother’s Day to you too!


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