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Original Sprout Hair & Body Wash review

The good folks at Original Sprout sent us some products for review a while ago.

I was inspired to read that Inga, the founder of Original Sprout, birthed the idea of a vegan hair and skin care product for her very own daughter, Maya. The California based family brand is eco-friendly, free from synthetic disruptors such as parabens, titanium dioxide, fragrances etc, even soy and dairy! 100% vegan! This is truly good news especially for eczemic babies who might be allergic to these components.


The packaging is simple, no-frills and no kawaii characters filling up half the bottle.


Of course O has to “kaypoh” when I was taking the photos…



Now for the user experience.

It just so happened that during the trial, we hit the haze period and Oliver, who has a history of eczema, tends to break out in heat rashes whenever that happens.


I was concerned changing his bath products at this point might irritate his skin. But it turned out that my worries were unnecessary, as his blemish-free skin indicated.

The natural fragrance of the hair and body shampoo is much stronger than the one I’m used to, which is Mustela. But in a pleasant way. It feels more fluid than Mustela but works up to a good lather for rinsing.


Now I’ve always thought O has nice, baby hair that feels soft to the touch. But after two washes, his hair became even SOFTER.

How is that even… And I wasn’t even using the conditioner yet!


Just for testing’s sake, I tried out the deep conditioner and miracle detangler as well although O has absolutely no need for that and like the baby wash, his hair turned out soft and smooth. If your baby has thick, frizzy, untameable hair then YOU NEED TO TRY THIS.

After two months, Oliver has consistent smooth, nice-smelling skin and literally Soft & Bouncy hair~~~


I’m definitely giving Original Sprout a thumbs-up for both the results and vegan, eco-friendly philosophy.


Currently, Original Sprout’s top 5 products are available for sale in Singapore and already enjoying a large following by Hollywood celebrity moms.

Check them out here!






Disclaimer: was gifted mentioned products by Original Sprout but not compensated monetarily for the above post. All views and opinions are mine.





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