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Strictly Pastry. Or so Meringue tastes like that.

Have you eaten this before?

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If you do, and once upon a time, actually loved it, you must belong to the 80s kids. 


I have to admit, I only knew they were called meringue biscuits when I was much older.

And so since I thought meringues tasted like that, I clearly avoided all types of meringue confectionery. Not a fan of sugar with colouring. 


That is, not until I came upon this shop:

oliversmile_strictlypastryRead Strictly Pastry‘s coverage in the Straits Times and noticed 1. They are local, 2. Near our house. 

Thus on Friday evening, we dropped by after dinner for some dessert.

oliversmile_strictlypastry1The shop is nestled snugly in the middle of Joo Chiat.

Not difficult to find, but a little walk from the nearest bus stop. 


I love the concept of the store!

See the old-fashioned tins at the back? Nostalgic isn’t it? 

oliversmile_strictlypastry3I also love how, there’s various tea, cookies and jam laid out on the table with different name cards belonging to the creators. 

You can sample the jam (I tried the spiced pumpkin and hmm… Tastes like something I can do at home myself lol) and take a whiff of the tea leaves available (Interesting but kinda too funky for my liking. I prefer slightly smoky or mellow blends like Earl Grey or Oolong).


Oliver, of course, was imitating Mommy like a true connoisseur. 

oliversmile_strictlypastry4Most of all, he was attracted to the cakes.

oliversmile_strictlypastry5I wanted to try the Butter Choux-ger toast but they were already out! 😦 

Got the store’s bestseller, quirkily named “Ugly Sue” instead. It’s $7 for 4 pcs and as we were waiting, two other sets of customers trickled in and one of them actually asked to sample “Ugly Sue”.


Oh, I didn’t know we can sample them beforehand. Doh.


They make customised cakes too. Too bad this is not edible, only for show.  



Pretty, ain’t it? 


Here’s how Ugly Sue looks like. 



She’s a meringue filled with Passionfruit mousse, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries…


I totally wasn’t expecting her to taste like that, as, you already know, the only other meringue I’ve eaten was the traditional sugared top with biscuit types (I know, I know, I’m so backward), this is a whole new level of dessert heaven!


Unlike what I initially assumed, she wasn’t hard like a cookie. The texture is a combination of cake and biscuit and very light tasting. The berries and mousse are so refreshing and melts-in-your-mouth and although there’s supposed to be four in there, I gobbled up two without knowing it. 

Four? What four?


To me, it’s ONE PIECE OF CAKE okay. 



Anywayz, this experience will definitely open me up to other meringues in the future. 

The price is rather steep, but I’d say it’s worth it for a once-in-a-while indulgence.


It’s funny how their bestseller is a Meringue, and their store concept has those old-school tins where we used to store our traditional meringue biscuits. 

Definitely a case of new set against old.


And both wins. 🙂





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