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Teddy Bear Bread with Blueberry Cream Cheese filling

Ever since I got my new oven, I’ve gone mad baking… Like, I’m baking at least once or twice a week, compared to like once a month or even lesser prior.


And this was my latest experiment… Guess what it is?


 Teddy Bear Bread!



Ain’t they the cutest?

The original recipe is from here but I added blueberry cream cheese as filling. Basically, I just took a handful of fresh blueberries, about 20 grams of cream cheese, a tablespoon of icing sugar and mashed them altogether.

The most tedious part was kneading the ears and making sure the filling doesn’t spill out (I’m a terribly terribly careless person so one or two broke through the surface). I also took some care in brushing on the eyes and nose with a bit of cocoa dissolved in warm water, using a small paintbrush.



I’m thoroughly glad I did because even though I thought these little cuties tasted absolutely delicious on their own, my husband felt that the blueberry cream cheese made them so much better.


These took me almost three hours but the end results were so satisfactory! I made at least 16 buns and they were still good in the fridge after three or so days. Just warm them up a bit in the microwave for 10 seconds and they smell just as fresh as when out from the oven!

I also love how versatile this recipe is because I can add any fillings I like and it definitely appeals to my little boy no matter what. 🙂



(note: strong wheat flour basically means bread flour)




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