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New toy! Macarons baking with Rowenta 7868 oven

I never thought I’ll spend more than $200 for an oven.

But my obsession with baking has seriously spiralled into something more… well, serious.


So after digging through the internet for some high performance ovens, I came up with these two brands:

A) Rowenta 7868 or Rowenta 7891

B) Baby Belling


Although with all the rave about Baby Belling’s excellent even temperature, I just couldn’t stand it not having a glass door. I’d really prefer to monitor my food while it’s baking and it doesn’t help there’s these two hobs on top that I’ve entirely zero use for.

Also, Rowenta has digital settings (5℃ difference) which allows for more precise temperature tuning. Baby Belling’s the manual dial type.

Between Rowenta 7868 and 7891, I finally decided on the former because why pay an extra $100 for a steamer when all I need is a convectional oven?


We bought our Rowenta 7868 from ParisSilk at $640, comes with a atas cookbook. (There’s a little episode about the price but I’d probably tell that story next time)


I was SO EXCITED that I immediately initiated my new oven that night, even though I’ve got work the next day.


The first thing I baked?




Ooh… The evil, fickle little things that refused to do my bidding the first two times I attempted them.


With my new ammunition, I set to task.



I was squealing when I realised the large baking pan that I previously bought but couldn’t fit for my Delonghi oven COULD FINALLY BE PUT TO USE AGAIN /TEARS OF JOY/

All the possibilities… All the time that can be saved arggghh…


Anywayz, back to the little beauties…



Ain’t they quite the lookers? Awww…


I used the Italian method by the way… Piped out rounded circles for most and fooled around with the last couple of batter. So after a night of maturing, here’s a sample of what came out from the playing…


Daddy, Mommy & Son Teddy Chocolate Ganache Macarons! Haha!






As compared to my old oven, the temperature distribution was much, much better. My macarons did brown a little on the top so I might drop the heat by five degrees next time whilst baking for a minute or so longer. I was using rack position 2 and baking at 150℃.

There’s also a tad more air space than I’d like in my shells though like all macaron bakers will tell you, no matter how they turn out, as long as it’s not burnt, they’re still sinfully delicious.


My colleagues gave the thumbs up and as usual, goaded me to start up a business lol, but for now, I’m just having fun and even though I’m serious about baking, I’m not that serious, serious.




29 thoughts on “New toy! Macarons baking with Rowenta 7868 oven

    1. But then buy from stores so exxx, plus they look so cute right, right? Heh~~ And “yay” for feet! (my hubs was like, what feet? LOL~~~~)


    1. Hi Joy! Oh my, that must be so disappointing! And are you using the 7868 as well? I put mine at 150℃, rack position 3. The position is fairly important bcos I tried at rack position 2 the first time and the top wasn’t as done as I’d like it to. Hope this helps! ^^ Do let me know if you succeed! Don’t give up!


  1. Hi! Chance upon your site while I was looking for which oven to get. Very cute maracons!! I wanna get a oven n bake that too! Hahaha!
    May I know if a 12″ or 14″ round pan will fit in your oven perfectly?

    Thank you!! πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Mandy, thank you! And for the pan to fit comfortably, it should be within 13 x 10 inches, so it would be better if you can use a round pan within 10 inches?


  2. Hi, I bought the OC7891. Am very new to this type of oven. Can you please tell me when it says rack 2,do I count rack 2 from bottom up or top down. And what mode do we use for baking cakes? Sorry for the silly questions.. Thank you for your time..


    1. Hi Rachel, it would be counting from bottom up, you can check the manual to double confirm, and the wire rack can be flipped both ways to adjust height as well~ As for baking mode, usu I used top bottom heating. πŸ™‚


  3. Hi. I have a Rowenta oven too. May I ask have you tried baking water bath method with this oven? What mode and temperature for Japanese Cotton Cheesecake?


    1. Hi Teresa, yes, I’ve tried water bath before with alex goh’s fantastic cheesecake recipe and I followed the recipe, using the conventional mode and baking at 160℃. It worked for mine! πŸ™‚


      1. Hi, may i know did u use the lowest rack and the metal rack facing up or down? i tried water bath sponge cakes lowest rack, metal racking facing down, 190 for 2hours cake still not done. i bought my rowenta oven only 7 months. cannot be spoilt right. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You mean you baked your cake at 190 degrees celcius for 2 hours but it’s still not cooked? That is really really strange. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether it’s facing up or down, it sounded more like your oven isn’t baking it at all. May I know whether you pre-heated your oven before putting your cake inside? Does it feel hot when you open the oven?

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Oliver, those were really perfect macarons- you should start up a business.
    It’s been two years since you got your Rowenta oven, how’s it doing for you? Still as good? Have you been able to bake every thing that you wanted with this oven? I’m thinking of getting either a Rowenta or a simple cheap brand. It’s hard to decide. Hope to hear from you πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Derrick, I’m not Oliver, that’s my son’s name πŸ™‚ And thank you for the encouragement, but nah~ I’m far from being good enough to make it as business yet.
      As for the oven, it’s still working well, but compared to when I first got it, the heating is not as even anymore. Meaning when I place a batch of cupcakes inside, the sides get browned faster.
      The price of a Rowenta has also dropped the last time I checked. I haven’t used enough ovens to make a proper comparison. The last oven I had was a cheap one and my cakes just doesn’t rise well cos it only has got convection mode.


    1. I had a very old version of Delonghi oven that was too small to do anything, so yes, it was definitely better than my Delonghi. I had baked whole chickens in the Rowenta and it turned out beautifully crisp. However, do note that after years of use, the heating is no longer as even. The sides will brown faster than the middle, so if you are cooking say a tray of cupcakes, the ones at the side will cook faster than those in the middle.


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