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Sleepy Oliver.

Chinese New Year was both fun & tiring.

It was fun ‘cos you get to gorge yourself & blame it on the festive mood, stay up late & wake up late (but not as late as we’d wished ‘cos Oliver has taken to screaming his favourite nursery rhymes right next to your ear at 630 in the morning), meet up with family (I seldom see my aunts ‘cos they live overseas) and friends (though we see each other often enough? LOL~).

Tiring ‘cos you get to lug a 2.5 year old around with boundless amount of energy, fret over whether he’ll say his “Hullo” & “Goodbye” & did he say “谢谢” when some elder gives him a red packet. Oh well, I’m the type who grew up chided on manners so it’s sort of a thing with me.


Anywayz, O got really shagged out during the 4th day and also ‘cos he’s been “valiantly” skipping his nap, here’s what happened during dinner time. :DDD

Blackmail material for his adulthood~


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