Secrets to a Happy Marriage?

I attended two weddings the past weekend.

Hearing those vows and witnessing those blissful moments again, it reminded me of how far my own marriage has come.

Research says that 5 years is the new 7 years itch milestone. So far, we haven’t been experiencing anything close to a scratch, thankfully.

It’s not that we don’t fight. We did. We still do.


But the sharing on Saturday’s church wedding is true. The devil will look for all crooks and crannies to break God’s people. Once he finds a loophole and tugs, you can either slap his hand away or allow the hole to get bigger.

When we fight, the devil wins.

When we make peace, God wins.

So who do you want reigning in the House?


I’ll be the first to admit I’m not altogether a studious wife. I’m slightly quarrelsome at times, slow to apologize, and heck if K doesn’t have the patience of a sloth, we’d probably be fighting all the time.

Just yesterday, I witnessed a man arguing with his wife at a taxi stand.

The queue was atrociously long and the wife, not wanting to wait any longer, hailed down the Prestige cab (the one that jumpstarts at $5 instead of $3.20), telling her husband to “not wait and get on”.


Once hearing the fare, the man turned his back and went back to the queue, refusing to board the cab. The wife urged him to get on but the man would not budge, telling her it’s too expensive, and if she’s so rich, why don’t she just board the cab herself?

Exasperated, the wife gave up and went back to her husband, all the while lamenting softly that it’s too long a wait. The man started calling her “crazy”, that she should “shut up” and he doesn’t want to stand together with her.

Oh wow, he’s like only a few years older than me but has the maturity of a 5 year old.

I was horrified by his attitude.

That’s no way to speak to your wife and I was legitimately contemplating on telling him off, but then again, it’s not my fight.


Which brings me to attention.

Never once, ever, in our five years of marriage, has K told me to “shut up”.  He was always soft-spoken, insistent when need be, but he’s never used harsh words on me.

Unconsciously, we do practice the “Five love languages“. If you don’t already know, this book is so enlightening the pre-marriage counselling course we attended actually coached us based on this book.

I felt so cheated. I could have saved at least $50 just by buying the damn book instead of attending the course.



The secrets to a happy marriage are usually the same old rules.

I love this saying, “If they’re breathing, your mate will eventually offend you. Learn to forgive.

Let Love be your Guidepost.


Yup, still learning…








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