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A Red Velvet & Karel Capek Christmas

Christmas is my favorite season of the year.

Ever since young, I was attracted to the promise of Christmas presents, the ever spectacular decorations, the weather turning cool to mimic Winter Wonderland and caroling of Silent Nights. After I became a Christian, the Peace I had always felt during Christmas suddenly makes a whole lot of sense.

So, what did I do this Christmas?

Nothing much, basically. I thanked the Lord for His Good Tidings for the year, spent time with friends and family, and did something that I really liked-




Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese frosting.


The recipe is from Small Batch Baking for Chocolate Lovers.

I came across the world of small batch baking whilst looking for baking recipes online. Like seriously, who needs to bake 12-24 cupcakes when all I need is one or two to fulfill my cravings?

This book costs a whooping $32 over dollars at Kinokuniya, so I ordered it off The Book Depository, which is a steal at only $23.16, free international shipping included. It’s not the first time I’m ordering through Book Depository, but a little episode occurred during this particular transaction.

I ordered two books, and only one came. The baking book still hadn’t arrived after 10 working days and I emailed the support line for help. What came next totally surprised me.

The response was VERY prompt. I mean, not only did I get a reply within the day, all my other messages were answered within the hour. And guess what? I was offered a free replacement/full refund. I chose a free replacement.

Not only that, I got my book BEFORE Christmas Day, which was totally unexpected ‘cos that would mean they probably sent out the book the MINUTE the replacement was confirmed.

I’m a very satisfied customer. 🙂


Now back to the glorious book.

All the recipes in this book caters to baking for 2 or less people. For eg, you can make 2 tiny cakes (the author suggests using tin cans to bake but I don’t really wanna bake in tin cans), which is the equivalent of 4 muffin sized cupcakes, 8 cookies, or simply 2 chocolate tarts.

It’s a whole new world, LOL.

I still suck so much at piping though.


We started with the red velvet cake recipe first and even K commented that it’s better than my previous attempts at red velvet cupcakes.

I love the texture and it’s just the right amount of moist and sweetness. Added a little coloring ‘cos I’m in the mood but hey, you can always omit it for an equally delicious chocolate cake.

Next, I’m gonna be gushing about the tea I paired it off with.



Karel Capek Baby Greeting’s herb tea.

It’s a sweet, gorgeous little herb tea that I accidentally stumbled upon at Takashimaya whilst searching for suitable Christmas gifts a few days ago.

Karel Capek is the brainchild of Japanese children books illustrator, Yamada Utako. Her tea shops are located in Japan and also available for sale online, too bad it’s all in Japanese.

I just can’t with the amount of kawaii over these precious little tea tins.


They are available in loose tea packs as well. But a warning first, these little things aren’t cheap. I bought mine at 15% off and it’s still rather steep at $23.80.

Anyone going to Japan lately? Heh heh heh…


So, as you can see, my Christmas was a really good one.

I prayed, ate, and am merry.


Merry Christmas everyone. May the year ahead be good to you as well. 🙂







4 thoughts on “A Red Velvet & Karel Capek Christmas

    1. Lynn you’re too kind~ I think it’s the photoshop LOL~ My cream was all out of form even though it’s supposed to come out as some kind of star swirl~hahah~~


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