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Easy Pancake breakfast with homemade jam for Kids

Weekends are the time when I have the luxury of time to prepare something for Oliver & Daddy K in the morning. Usually, O’s breakfast mostly consists of bread/oats & fruit.

Not too long ago, we bought a bag of fresh Cranberries in NTUC at less than $5. It’s a novelty because the only cranberries we’ve ever eaten are always dried or sweetened in jams.

We were, however, pretty unused to how sour it tasted (is that normal?) and instead of forcing ourselves to finish the entire pack of sour fruit, I went online to search for some easy recipes for cranberries and came across this homemade cranberry sauce.

It only requires three ingredients including cranberries so I was like, why not?

So out came the sugar, freshly squeezed orange juice and our load of berries and here’s what it looks like while cooking:


After ten minutes (yes, you read right, only a speedy 10 minutes), we’ve got ourselves at least three jars of freshly homemade cranberry jam!

If only I knew how easy it is to make jam, I’d do it all the time!


Anywayz, I paired it off with some pancakes made from Betty Crocker’s pancake mix (I got a box free from the office, hahaha…), added some chocolate chips and cinnamon and voila!

Chocolate chips & cinnamon pancakes with homemade cranberry sauce!



The cranberry sauce thickens as it cools.




I guess we’ve got ourselves a happy boy. 🙂


(p/s: O only got 2 mini chocolate chips in his portion whilst the adults got 5. Haha. And he got a really ugly ass haircut this time urgh)


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