“I don’t want to go to school!”

Daddy K posted this blackmail-worthy-when-Oliver-turns-cool-teen photo on his Facebook today.

“I don’t want (to go to school)!!!”

Oliver has always been okay with school.

But now that he’s in that boundaries-testing age, he’ll pull this stunt every day with poor Daddy.

He also refuses to bathe in the evening, because our routine for him has always been Bath- then sleep.


He doesn’t want to sleep.

Basically, he’s having too much fun with Daddy to just waste time sleeping or going to school.

I sympathize with him.

I really do.


I mean, what are the number of times we tell ourselves we don’t want to go to work?

So yeah, I mean, I feel for him.


Only by a bit.


Though there’s other possibilities too:

1. School is boring/upsetting him so he doesn’t want to go.

I figure we’ll have to talk to the school about this, whether there’s any changes lately. Though the possibility of this is low because I haven’t seen any new faces and Oliver seems to enjoy the friendships made in school.

There’s once he met his classmate near our house downstairs and Daddy K reported he “wanted to play with his friend so much he doesn’t wanna come home”.

2. Time spent in Childcare too long

Usually K drops him off at 8am and I fetch him about 530 pm after I returned from work. It’s still pretty stretching for a 2 plus year old but I’m not so sure we want to tamper with the schedule because it’s going to get worse if I were to go into full time.

I won’t consider home-schooling since I’ve got patience the size of a pea. It’s either I’ll be screaming and depressing myself out or Oliver screaming and crying himself over.

Not pretty.


The next possible choice would be to tap on the MIL resource.

My mother-in-law.

But sigh, she hasn’t even turned part-time from the last time we spoke about it, mainly because the boss can’t find any replacements at the moment and needed her to stay.

My MIL is a very valuable asset to the company ok.


So yeah, we’re stuck in this phase of O crying his way to school every day until who knows when.

My concern is, what if he develops a phobia of school?

Any experts on this? All input is greatly appreciated!







4 thoughts on ““I don’t want to go to school!”

  1. Well, he’s only 2+, still a baby in many ways, so it’s pretty normal for him to be clingy or feeling insecure. I recently had to withdraw my 3.5 YO boy from Berries because he was crying every time he had to go for class. And he started going in January! Peng san 🙂


    1. Oh my, which school is your boy going to now? We’re still monitoring, basically, we discovered it’s not really cos he hates his school, he just wants to spend more time with daddy and walking around instead of being stuck in school~


  2. Hihi

    I feel the same as you when my number 1 started school 3 years ago. We’ve tried ways and means to humor her but she just did not want to. Till we started her on a speech and drama holiday program by SRT. The change was amazing,she no longer clung on to us and became more confident in front of the strangers and friends.

    3 years on we started our own childcare centre and we were determined to get this same speech and drama instructor to our Sch. He now conducts a weekly speech and drama class for all the age groups and the kids end each session asking for more of him -Daniel Jenkins

    We are having a holiday program for 2 hours on the 4th to 7th Dec. Why not bring him down for a trial and see if he likes it here. You can drop me msg at 97890079. Take care and believe all children love sch it’s just how we integrate them


  3. hi Maddie, I came across your blog while researching for childcare around my area. My son will be attending n1.

    would appreciate if you could spare some time to share with me your experience with Oliver’s CC, mainly in terms of teacher student relationship, communication between CC n parent and any pros or cons.

    Looking forward to your email.

    Regards, SK


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