The reason Oliver loves going to school…

Is probably of girls. Ok, maybe that’s carrying it a bit far, since he’s really only two years old.

But heh, we don’t know what’s going on with the formula milk nowadays okay? They seem to be sprouting all kinds of intelligent elements that wasn’t present 10 years ago. For all I know, he’s already planning world domination. Like, I’m gonna eat all the food in the entire worlddddd~~~ Which his insatiable appetite seems to indicate.


I digress.


Anyway, when I was fetching O from school today, the principal told me an interesting episode.


The other day, one of his female classmates was crying and she was on her way to the toilet. Oliver placed an arm over her in a sort of consoling position, randomly patting her all the way to the toilet. The teachers were laughing and utterly amused over the sight.

You might be going, awwww… Isn’t he an emphatic one?


Yes, I think that’s really sweet. I mean, he’s my son and wow, that’s like a gentleman in action.


Then again, a few days ago, Daddy K told me that in the mornings, when he asked O whether he want to go to school, the negative answer will be a “don’t want”. The positive? He’ll say “Joanie.”


Joanie is the name of his favorite female classmate.




Backpedal a few more days, O became a Cake Thief one weekend morning.

Daddy K and I were concussed on the bed and our son slipped out of the bed into the kitchen. There was a box of walnut chocolate cake on the table that we didn’t allow him to eat. But he pulled up a chair, climbed on top of it, OPENED the box and helped himself to a huge piece of cake.


Before long, K realized he was missing and found him in the kitchen.


The sight made him guffaw- O had a piece of cake in one hand, and tissue papers in another hand which he was using to wipe his mouth with.

You know how the Chinese says, “偷吃记得擦嘴巴”? (If you steal a bite, remember to wipe your mouth. It’s usually to indicate extra marital affairs)

We jokingly said, now we know he is one of those clever ones who knows how to destroy the evidence.


Oh look, he doesn’t like us gossiping behind his back. I should stop 🙂




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