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One of those favorite restaurants you don’t want people to know

K and I discovered this gem of a restaurant in Marina Square on one of our “date without the baby”.

Hifumi Japanese restaurant features an “all-you-can-eat appetizer bar” with the purchase of every set meal, which really wasn’t appealing to someone like me at first because, when you talk about appetizers, I can only think of cold salads.

But look at this:




Salmon-tomato salad, sweet potato, pumpkin salad, cold soba, edamame beans, chawanmushi, takoyaki… We felt like we were in some hotel having their all-day buffet or something, lol.

The sweet potato chips and pumpkin salad were absolutely delicious! The selection was so vast and I’d really advise you not to take more than one plate because it’s really quite filling on the whole. We topped up $1.90 for free flow of drinks- there’s tea, coffee and soft drinks to choose from.


I ordered the Tonkatsu set, which was about $12.90? The taste was pretty decent and all in all, we only spent like less than $35 for a rather fulfilling meal.


Will definitely bring O back next time because he can just eat off the appetizer bar and nip some of our rice and it’d be a complete meal. Do be prepared the restaurant seemed kinda short-staffed though. There’s only 2 runners in the restaurant when we were there on a Sunday afternoon and they have to double up as the cashier at some point.


But who cares? When we’ve got an entire island of appetizers to keep ourselves entertained?




Update: Meh, my fav hungout has apparently been found out. Now, it’s compulsory even for children (above 2 years old) to order something. 😦



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