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Oliver’s “Terrible Two” Party

Amidst the storm, we took time out to celebrate O’s second birthday. Since it was a special occasion, Daddy K also styled up his hair.

oliver_sproutgelbaby hairgel

Wondering why in both pics he’s got something in his mouth? Well, it’s not called “terrible two” for nothing. It’s harder and harder getting O to agree to anything, what with his new found favorite word being “no”. Thus to get him to stay still for the styling session, out comes the food- the only way to calm our forever hungry baby down.

I think Daddy K was trying to achieve the “punk” look, I don’t even know, lol… We used this Original Sprout styling balm that’s safe even for babies. Perfectly natural, no sticky feeling, totally clean. I love it.


It didn’t stay up for long though, since O kept tousling his hair in order to relinquish his own creativity in hairdressing as well.


The mini celebration was held at “With a Pinch of Salt” in Tanjong Katong, a place that I’ve been wanting to visit after chancing upon it online.

I was drawn by the pastel colors, kid’s friendly atmosphere, and also ‘cos it’s near our place. Booking was a little tricky, since they’ve got events going on both weekends. We managed to get a reservation in on Sunday, the week after O’s birthday.

And must I say, it’s totally a superb experience.




The cafe was cozy, food was fresh & delicious (I ordered the lamb chops and the flavor was just spot on). We got the ham & mushroom pasta for Oliver, which tasted a little too salty imo for O’s age, but other than that, the meal was satisfactory and the customer service relatively prompt and welcoming.




The children were gifted with two extra balloons by the staff and they also played a birthday song in the cafe specially for him after knowing it’s his birthday. Oliver was pleasantly surprised.

He’s also delighted with the extra balloons.


Boys and their fascination with balls… Tsk tsk…


Happy Birthday, little punk.



4 thoughts on “Oliver’s “Terrible Two” Party

  1. Blessed birthday, Oliver! Looks like he had a lovely time. 🙂 I actually considered having Noah’s party at the same venue, but think it was too expensive in the end. Maybe I’ll visit it just for a meal instead. Looks like a very pretty cafe!


    1. Haha! He did! Since we’ve only got around less than 10 ppl, we juz booked a table instead. And yes! It’s a really cute looking cafe, albeit a bit small, but I liked it~ ^^


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