If I am to die now, I’ll die without regrets.

So I’m just sort of officially back to work. In an organization. Which is my old job- a radio deejay.


I’m truly thankful, in so many ways.

Alot of listeners remembered me and said hello, welcomed me back. Many of them, like myself, have moved on to different factions in their life. It’s surreal, to say the least.

I was a bit wobbly at first, but by Thursday, the listeners’ response showed that I did a decent job. I was glad.


I’m a part-timer actually. Together with this and another freelance job, my salary isn’t much. My colleague and friend asked me a very sincere question: Am I earning enough?


To be honest, it’s definitely not what it will be compared to say, if I’m doing a full-time 9-6 job.

But I love the flexibility. I love that I’m doing what I like and not spending overly obscene hours at work. With the added income, I might even save enough to go on that much desired trip to Taiwan/Korea.


Most importantly, I’m living the life that I want to.

Simple life. 简单的生活。

I have a husband who spoils me too much, a joyful little kid, internet access to my favorite music.


One of the things that O has conditioned me, is to see the world in simplicity.

I get excited by pretty umbrellas, people watching, and kaypoh-ing when there’s commotions/events.


And it warmed me, to know that at the end of a day’s work, there’s not only one, but two people looking forward to my return.

K told me around 7 pm just now, when Oliver still hadn’t seen me, he started glancing at the door and asked for “Mama”.

When I came back, he stood up and opened his arms as I neared and called me “MAMA!”


It’s just a kick-ass awesome feeling.


If I’m to die right now, I’ll die without regrets. Perhaps the one thing I’ll wish for is to enjoy this for a little while longer.

Luckily for me, I still am.


Thank God.





8 thoughts on “If I am to die now, I’ll die without regrets.

  1. “One of the things that O has conditioned me, is to see the world in simplicity.”

    Simply love how simple the saying is, yet how tremendously meaningful it is. Truly, children do make us see the world in a different perspective!


  2. This is something that I desire for myself too and my future life with the people that I love. It’s very encouraging 🙂 It’s nice to be content of what God blesses us with. Good on you!


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