You are not Oliver’s mom, damn it.

I am disturbed.

We’ve just had our first parent’s meeting at Oliver’s childcare center yesterday evening and conversed with his Chinese and English teacher.

His Chinese teacher is a female lady from Mainland China and she was telling me how she loves him and how he’s so obedient etc… But then we realized she’s talking more about herself than how my kid has been progressing at school. There were a few things she mentioned that I personally feel o_o with:


1. She said that she treats them just like her own kids and when others want to lead them away she’ll become protective and say no, she won’t let anyone take them away from her.

(Like what?)

2. She brags about how even other children from the other classes wants her attention and how they just love her so much and is able to bond with her.

(Great to hear, but what does that tell me about the other teachers?)


This tops the cake.

3. She said times when we haven’t yet fetch Oliver from school and he felt very sad and was sulking, she’ll sit him down and ask him about his feelings.

This is what she said exactly:

“我就问他说,恺哲啊,妈妈还没来你伤心了是吧? 可是老师在这里啊,老师不也就像妈妈一样吗?所以你不用害怕呀,我会好好照顾你的呀。。。”

So I asked him, Oliver, you’re sad that mommy hasn’t come and fetch you isn’t it? But Teacher is here, isn’t teacher just like your mommy? So you don’t have to be afraid, I’ll take good care of you.


Did she just tell my son she is like his mommy?

I mean, I’m grateful and appreciative of the fact you treat him just like your own, but feeling that and actually telling my son that is two very different things. I don’t want my kid to call his teacher mommy.


Mommy is mommy.

There’s only one.

Which is me.


She even said she often stayed until 630 pm (when she’s supposed to leave at 6) so that she can accompany him.

Hello? I’ve never fetched Oliver at 630pm before. It’s always 5 plus.


I don’t really know what my next course of action is.

Cos even if I tell the school about it, knowing that they are short staffed, they probably won’t change her.






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