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Are you just “putting up with” your child?

Oliver is nearing the dreaded “terrible two”.

In retrospect, he’s been displaying his new assertiveness three months ago.


  • Saying “No!” to every single damn thing.
  • Being impatient and throwing his toys
  • Not keeping his toys
  • Having a breakdown the minute you don’t let him do something he wants (including not walking on the road, putting a stick into his mouth, not allowing him anymore snacks)
  • Going slack and refusing to get off the floor when he doesn’t want to leave (playground, toys area)
  • Refusing to let people clean his mouth
  • Refusing to shower
  • ….
  • ….

The list goes on.

Ever since he discovered the love of his life- Bread, he’s been asking for it at every opportunity, pointing to the container where we keep the loaf, even though he’s just eaten.


I read books and asked other mommies. The verdict is always the same- Be patient, be consistent. They’ll learn in time to come.

It’s not exactly easy to adhere to when he’s doing it for the 7th time in an hour.

I find myself merely “putting up with” his behavior (and snapping at times), exasperated and not being able to enjoy time with him as much.


Bringing him out is always easier because there’s a lot of distractions in the mall or park and I don’t have to face his volatile tantrums. However, it’s still as exhausting.


And then I came across this article during devotion today.


In telling the story of the Israelites during the exodus, Paul said, “For a time of about forty years [God] put up with their ways in the wilderness” (Acts 13:18). In Greek “put up with” most likely means to patiently provide for people’s needs despite an ungrateful response.

It’s heartening to know that like us, He “puts up with” difficult behavior whilst loving us all the same.


So if you’re also struggling with patience, do remember that “He has given us His Spirit to help us respond with love to those who are hard to love or who are ungrateful (Gal. 5:22-23)”.


I pray for patience. Do you need it too? 🙂


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