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Dinner at Scoop of Art- Comfort food & Gelato (Update: Restaurant Closed)

We visited Scoop of Art Cafe at Marine Parade on Friday.

Have been wanting to try the much raved Mars Bar Sea salt gelato for quite a while. Plus, I had to return some library books and it’s just next to the Marine Parade library, so sort of killing two birds with one stone.


It’s a cheery looking cafe where you can purchase art materials (eg. a mug for $5, animal coin banks etc) for your kiddo to unleash their artsy side.

Oliver was just hungry, so we skipped the art and crafts and dived straight into their main menu.


The $4.50 chicken shepherd’s pie was just the right size for Oliver (it appears humongous here on the photo but really, it’s only the angle), not too salty, not too sweet. The taste rich and silky. Even for me, who’s not a big fan of shepherd’s pie, it’s really delicious. (I suspect there’s honey in the chicken though, so you might want to avoid ordering it for your toddler if they are not past one year old yet)


He finished the pie and was aiming for our gelato. I just let him lick the empty spoon.



I ordered the spicy garden pasta. The black pepper makes it pretty biting so if you love your dishes slightly tangy, this is it.



The Mars bar sea salt gelato wasn’t as impressive as I thought though. The husband agrees.

But that might just be us being chocolate lovers in general.


Best thing is, unlike usual ice-creams, I don’t feel particularly thirsty after eating it. Just a note for those who’re more concerned about additives. I think this just means it’s pretty au naturale.


The service was so-so. Food came promptly and the place generally clean and spacious. But then again, there’s only us and another two tables occupied during dinner time, which was quite a pleasantry for us because considering the hour, we’re usually queuing for seats in other places.


Not suitable for people with prams though because there’s only a flight of stairs leading to the cafe. No lifts.


There’s a p;log promotion going on.

Just share a photo of your dining experience at the cafe and you get a free gelato on the house when you show it to them.


I would be trying the “After Dark” flavor the next time. And maybe have the shepherd’s pie too.

All to myself. 🙂






2 thoughts on “Dinner at Scoop of Art- Comfort food & Gelato (Update: Restaurant Closed)

  1. I’ve always driven past it but have not tried it! I got rather excited when I saw that they have mars bar sea salt ice cream. Sounds like the perfect combi but it’s a pity you didn’t like it! Guess it saves me a trip down :p


    1. Oh! Don’t get me wrong! It is still nice to eat, just that my hubs and I are generally choco lovers and will prefer chocolate anytime over any other flavors~ Haha~


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