Applying childcare subsidy for self-employed/freelance mothers

Childcare subsidy for freelance/self-employed working mothers

[Updated: This blog post was written before the new ruling: “With effect from 1 February 2018, the Commissioner for Oaths (CFO) services at the Supreme Court will only be available for Supreme Court-related matters. Members of the public who require CFO services for non-Supreme Court related matters can approach private law firms providing these services.”]

So the new childcare and infant care subsidies are about to kick in.

But the changes will only effect working mothers and since I’ve been taking up some freelance jobs, I checked out the criteria and hey, 56 working hours per month seems viable. That’s only like 3+ hours per day, I can definitely clock that.


So I went about researching online and realized to claim the subsidy, I’ll need to first declare my status as self-employed/freelancer at the Supreme Court. Not to lie. I’m slightly intimidated by the whole official-oath thingy initially but trudged on to City Hall anyway.

It’s the building right opposite Funan IT Digital mall.


I went to the Commissioner for Oaths at the third floor (3M) during late afternoon (which was relatively empty) and the lady at the counter immediately knew what I wanted when I told her I’m here to “declare my freelance working status”. She gave me a Statutory Declaration form to fill out (personal particulars, work address and contacts), after which I paid the fee of $20 and waited to go inside the Oaths office (which wasn’t long, because there’s only one other person before me).

When I went into the office, I was asked whether all that’s written was indeed correct and then signed the form in front of the lawyer.

And voila! That’s it!


It was over in like less than 10 minutes and easier than I thought.

Bring the form along with you when you next register/pay for your little one’s childcare fees at the center.


Note: If you own a business, remember to register it first via bizfile. Commissioner of oaths opening hours here.


New Enhanced Childcare/Infant care subsidies

Press_Release-Enhanced_infant_and_child_care_subsidies.pdf Press_Release-Enhanced_infant_and_child_care_subsidies.pdf



13 thoughts on “Childcare subsidy for freelance/self-employed working mothers

  1. Hehe when I did it, I took the opportunity to dress up in work clothes (as in whatever did not have spit up on it)! Felt so important and work-like; felt nice to remember that I was also an individual and it just “mama” all the time 🙂


    1. Haha~ I went in my “mama” clothing along with Oliver actually~ and I agree, it feels good to dress in something else other than the usual i-juz-came-frm-home garb~ LOL~


      1. Hi hi, thanks for sharing. I have done the SD form and gave that to the childcare centre. But the school still ask me to provide company name or company letter, i explained to the school that I am not working for any fixed company, so I won’t be able to provide such information. but the principle said she needs to key in the company address and telephone number in their online system. I feel like the center doesn’t know how to do it. Did your child’s center ask for such information?

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