Little weekend

Oliver has been with Just Kids Learning Center for two months.

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve got mixed feelings about this school regarding the way they handled the transition after his teacher left and was contemplating a switch.


The other day, Daddy K was telling me while preparing Oliver for school in the morning, he’d asked him, “你要不要上学? (Do you want to go to school)”, to which Oliver nodded (he can’t really talk yet) and proceeded to pack up his toys when Daddy asked him to.


That’s all I needed to know to keep him in the center. Regardless of personal skepticism.

I don’t need him to come back learning tons of stuff. I only want him to be happy and make friends.


Speaking of friends, he’s got this “girl”friend from school that I see at the playground pretty often during the evening. Their interactions are just super precious!

Here’s some moments for the little weekend (in Chinese, Fridays are also known as “little weekend”, 小周末).

oliverwithfren oliverwithfren2




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